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ISBN: 1243355964; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1956, including: Opera Australia, Santa Fe Opera, The Silhouettes, The Tymes, Philharmonia Hungarica, Lucerne Festival ... Sheffield Symphony Orchestra, Urubamba (band); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243356006; TITLE: Latrodectus, including: Latrodectus Mactans, Redback Spider, Latrodectus Bishopi, Katipo, Latrodectus Geometricus, Button Spider, Latrodectus ... Latrodectism, Latrodectus Corallinus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243356138; TITLE: 1990s In Music, including: Gangsta Rap, House Music, Nu Metal, Synthpop, Electropop, Pop Punk, Riot Grrrl, Classic Rock, Teen Pop, Eurodance, Chinese ... Of 1990s One-hit Wonders In The United States; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356154; TITLE: Poisonous Fungi, including: Amanita Muscaria, Amanita Phalloides, Destroying Angel, Omphalotus Olearius, Amanita Pantherina Var. Pantherina, ... Amanita Porphyria, Galerina, Lethal Webcaps; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356170; TITLE: Electro-industrial, including: Velvet Acid Christ, Suicide Commando, Funker Vogt, Hocico, Wumpscut:, Leæther Strip, Dismantled, Ayria, Android Lust, ... Cleaner (band), Spahn Ranch (band), Feindflug; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243356197; TITLE: Human-animal Interaction, including: Jane Goodall, Snake Handling, Temple Grandin, Binti Jua, Wildlife Refuge, Pet Cemetery, Skinning, Unclean ... Riding, Devocalization, Monkey Painting; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356227; TITLE: Vowels, including: Cardinal Vowel, Vowel, Diphthong, Semivowel, Schwa, Vertical Vowel System, Vowel Dimension, Monophthong, Close Vowel, Near-close ... Vowel, Open-mid Vowel, Near-open Vowel, Pluti; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 124335626X; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1957, including: The Everly Brothers, The Quarrymen, Martha And The Vandellas, The Dave Clark Five, Dallas Opera, The ... Country Gentlemen, Washington National Opera; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243356308; TITLE: Sirens, including: Civil Defense Siren, Siren (noisemaker), Thunderbolt Siren, Federal Signal Corporation, Federal Signal Modulator, Chrysler Air Raid ... 2900, Federal Signal 2t22, Aca Allertor 125; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356324; TITLE: Conservation Reliant Species, including: Blue Whale, Giant Panda, Tiger, Project Tiger, Javan Rhinoceros, Habitat Conservation, Habitat Fragmentation, ... Of India, Cheetah Reintroduction In India; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243356391; TITLE: Suicide-inducing Parasitism, including: Nematomorpha, Sacculina, Toxoplasma Gondii, Hymenoepimecis Argyraphaga, Spinochordodes Tellinii, Galactosomum, ... Dendriticum, Leucochloridium Paradoxum; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356448; TITLE: Continuous Pitch Instruments, including: Cello, Double Bass, Musical Saw, Sackbut, Slide Guitar, Steel Guitar, Trombone, Theremin, Violin, Viola, ... Martenot, Erhu, Monochord, Pedal Steel Guitar; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356456; TITLE: Parasitism, including: List Of Parasitic Organisms, Parasitoid, Hyperparasite, Parasite Load, Intracellular Parasite, Macroparasite, Microparasite, ... Seeberi, Entomophagous Parasite, Anaplasmosis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356464; TITLE: Zygomycota, including: Pilobolus, Nosema Apis, Black Bread Mold, Rhizopus, Phycomyces Blakesleeanus, Rhizopus Nigricans, Nosema, Phycomyces, Rhizopus ... Basidiobolus Ranarum, Endogonales, Glugea; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243356510; TITLE: Classical Music Festivals, including: Salzburg Festival, Prague Spring International Music Festival, International Chamber Music Festival Of Cervo, ... Music Festival, Verbier Festival; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356529; TITLE: Hi-nrg, including: Pete Waterman Entertainment, Italo Disco, Larry Fast, New Beat, Hard Nrg, Space Disco, Almighty Records, List Of Hi-nrg Artists And Songs; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356561; TITLE: Funicular Railways, including: Funicular, Peak Tram, Carmelit, Tünel, Katoomba Scenic World, Fløibanen, List Of Funicular Railways, Wellington Cable ... Falls Incline Railway, Penang Hill Railway; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243356642; TITLE: Progressive Metal, including: Neo-classical Metal, List Of Progressive Metal Artists, John Arch, Martin Grech, Enochian Theory, Rich Hinks, Eclipse ... Portrait Of The Abyss Within, Neighbourhell; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243356685; TITLE: Crotalus, including: Crotalus Cerastes, List Of Rattlesnake Species And Subspecies, Crotalus Scutulatus, Crotalus Horridus, Crotalus Mitchellii ... Crotalus Basiliscus, Crotalus Willardi; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356707; TITLE: Animals Described In 1929, including: Bonobo, Tristan Albatross, Bigspot Barb, Corsican Wildcat, Guadalcanal Honeyeater, Economidichthys Pygmaeus, ... Excellens, Paradiaptomus Simplex; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356715; TITLE: Geologic Formations, including: Maotianshan Shales, Indiana Limestone, Contamination, Crato Formation, St. Peter Sandstone, Formation (stratigraphy), ... Messel Pit, Cotswold Stone, Weald Clay, Muva; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356723; TITLE: 9th-century Bc People, including: Obadiah, Ithobaal I, King Xiao Of Zhou, King Li Of Zhou, King Xuan Of Zhou, Tibni, Eliezer, Micaiah, Gonghe Regency, ... Menua, Asia Of Diauehi, Ishpuini Of Urartu; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356766; TITLE: Eurodance Songs, including: Truly Madly Deeply (song), Dragostea Din Tei, Blue (da Ba Dee), Perfection (song), What Hurts The Most, What Is Love ... From Paris To Berlin, Bad Boy (cascada Song); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356774; TITLE: Star Formation, including: T Tauri Star, Protostar, Horsehead Nebula, Herbig-haro Object, Hayashi Track, Herbig Ae/be Star, Pre-main Sequence Star, ... Color-color Diagram, Weak-lined T Tauri Star; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356855; TITLE: Post-tonal Music Theory, including: Tone Row, Atonality, Chromatic Scale, Microtonal Music, Serialism, Whole Tone Scale, Twelve-tone Technique, ... Of The Dissonance, Pitch Class, Mystic Chord; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335688X; TITLE: Electroacoustic Improvisation, including: Musique Concrète, Christian Fennesz, Yoshihide Otomo, Keith Rowe, Toshimaru Nakamura, M.i.m.e.o., Gert-jan ... Kevin Drumm, Oren Ambarchi, Eai (music); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356898; TITLE: Electroclash, including: Ladytron, Peaches (musician), Dj Hell, The Hacker, Miss Kittin, Fischerspooner, Larry Tee, Adult (band), Felix Da Housecat, ... On Ecstasy, Mount Sims, Chicks On Speed; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335691X; TITLE: Simultaneities, including: Tetrachord, Tone Cluster, Dyad (music), Trichord, Pentachord, Monad (music), Tetrad (music); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356928; TITLE: Vespidae, including: Hornet, Yellow Jacket, Vespula, Bald-faced Hornet, Paper Wasp, Polistes, Asian Giant Hornet, European Hornet, Oriental Hornet, ... Polistinae, Pollen Wasp, Dolichovespula; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356944; TITLE: Vocal Trios, including: The Supremes, The Angels (band), Pinmonkey, Los Lonely Boys, Rascal Flatts, Shedaisy, Baillie & The Boys, The Buffalo Club, ... The Ride, The Shelton Brothers, Carolina Rain; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356960; TITLE: Helotiales, including: Swamp Beacon, Leotia, Dactylella, Ceuthospora Lauri, Phacidium Infestans, Cryptocline Cyclaminis, Rhabdocline Pseudotsugae, ... Thujina, Leotia Atrovirens, Leotiaceae; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243356987; TITLE: 1970s, including: 1974, Chile Under Pinochet, Question Authority, Autonomism, Japanese New Wave, Years Of Lead (italy), History Of The Hippie ... 1970s In Literature, 1970s In Technology; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357002; TITLE: Bionics, including: Biomimicry, Prosthesis, Viktor Schauberger, Otto Bock, Internalnet, Chiral Photonics; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357010; TITLE: 1900s, including: 1900s (decade), Great White Fleet, Herero And Namaqua Genocide, Harden-eulenburg Affair, Bosnian Crisis, 1900s In Games, Nimrod ... 1900s In Sociology, Ziegler Polar Expedition; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357053; TITLE: Immune System Disorders, including: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mastocytosis, Pityriasis Lichenoides Et Varioliformis Acuta, Hypersensitivity, ... Rejection, Cytokine Release Syndrome, Hla-b27; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357096; TITLE: Sleep Researchers, including: Francis Crick, Robert Stickgold, William C. Dement, Claudio Stampi, Marc Weissbluth, Eugene Aserinsky, Marie-jean-léon, ... Michel Jouvet, Franz Halberg, Paul Tholey; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357118; TITLE: Synthpop, including: Bronski Beat, Depeche Mode, New Order, Gary Numan, Psyche (band), Pet Shop Boys, The Magnetic Fields, Yello, Underworld (band), ... Gwen Stefani, A-ha, Soft Cell, Limahl; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357134; TITLE: 1969 Plays, including: Breath (play), The Bed-sitting Room (play), What The Butler Saw (play), Mixed Doubles (play), Son Of Man (play), Does A Tiger ... And The Emperor Of Assyria, Next (play); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357150; TITLE: Protozoal Diseases, including: Chagas Disease, Malaria, Toxoplasmosis, African Trypanosomiasis, Leishmaniasis, Babesiosis, Microsporidiosis, Pneumocystosis, Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357207; TITLE: Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert Tours, including: Stadium Arcadium Tour, By The Way Tour, Californication Tour, One Hot Minute Tour, Blood Sugar Sex Magik Tour; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357223; TITLE: Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, including: Factor V Leiden, Rs6313, Rs6311, Rs6295, Rs7997012, Rs6314, Rs1954787, Rs6265, Rs6294, Rs1805054, ... Rs5569, Rs1800532, Rs4680, Y-snp, Mt-snp; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357231; TITLE: Industrial Music, including: No Wave, Industrial Rock, Electronic Body Music, Industrial Metal, Maschinenfest, Rivethead, Infest (festival), Power ... Music Festival, Death Industrial, C.o.m.a.; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335724X; TITLE: Wolf Prize In Physics Laureates, including: Benoît Mandelbrot, Freeman Dyson, Leon M. Lederman, Roger Penrose, Riccardo Giacconi, Masatoshi Koshiba, ... Archibald Wheeler, Peter Higgs, Bruno Rossi; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357274; TITLE: Ecological Succession, including: Henry David Thoreau, Wildfire, Edge Effect, Pedogenesis, Vegetation, Psammosere, Pioneer Species, Climax Community, ... Community, Primary Succession, Fire Ecology; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357347; TITLE: Prix De Lausanne Winners, including: Darcey Bussell, Deborah Bull, Chan-hon Goh, Alina Cojocaru, Carlos Acosta, Alessandra Ferri, Shino Mori, Misa ... Yuriko Kajiya, Matthew Golding (dancer); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357363; TITLE: A&r People, including: George Martin, Brad Delson, Clive Davis, Simon Fuller, Simon Cowell, Charlie Peacock, Tommy Mottola, John H. Hammond, Mitch ... Dioguardi, Pete Tong, Mark Spicoluk, Ric Wake; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357371; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1952, including: The Dells, The Crew-cuts, Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir, Foggy Mountain Boys, Kentucky ... California Youth Symphony, The Farmer Boys; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335741X; TITLE: Cells, including: Chromatophore, Somatic Cell, Hfr Cell, Chromophil, Coenocyte, Enterocyte, Golgi Cell, Hurthle Cell, Cementoblast, Clue Cell, Paneth ... Life Of The Cell, Muller Glia, Fibrocyte; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357428; TITLE: History Of Evolutionary Biology, including: Darwinism, Ernst W. Mayr, Embryo Drawing, Recapitulation Theory, Thomas Robert Malthus, Modern ... Theory And The Political Left, Orthogenesis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357436; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 2008, including: Ultravox, Gorguts, Parades, High-king, Yob (band), Heed, Raging Speedhorn, Le Balcon, Republic Of ... (band), Super Junior-m, Milkyway, 2am; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357444; TITLE: 1981 Plays, including: Cards On The Table, Torch Song Trilogy, The Notebook Of Trigorin, Beyond Therapy, Way Upstream, Fools (play), The Dog It Was ... On The Razzle (play), The Nerd, Two Into One; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357509; TITLE: Chords, including: Altered Chord, Power Chord, Chord (music), Tone Cluster, Major Chord, Augmented Chord, Minor Chord, Diminished Triad Chord, ... Added Tone Chord, Extended Chord, Sixth Chord; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357525; TITLE: Ballet Technique, including: Vaganova Method, Cecchetti Method, Royal Academy Of Dance, En Pointe, Bourrée, Balanchine Method, Bournonville Method, ... Dance Partnering, Turnout (ballet), Aplomb; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357533; TITLE: Music, Mind And Body, including: Absolute Pitch, Music Therapy, Biomusicology, Duende (art), Amusia, Music Psychology, Music-related Memory, Musical ... And Emotion, Hedonic Music Consumption Model; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335755X; TITLE: Punk Genres, including: New Wave Music, No Wave, Hardcore Punk, Anarcho-punk, Emo, Deathrock, Psychobilly, Cowpunk, Pop Punk, 2 Tone, Ska Punk, Skate ... Against Communism, Crust Punk, Thrashcore; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357576; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1974, including: Ramones, Talking Heads, The Stranglers, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Japan (band), Blondie (band), The ... Orchestra, Bots (band), Spyro Gyra, Firefall; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357592; TITLE: Hardcore Punk Genres, including: Grindcore, Rapcore, Digital Hardcore, Queercore, Screamo, Crust Punk, Metalcore, Youth Crew, Thrashcore, D-beat, ... Hardcore, Nardcore, Foxcore, Crossover Thrash; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357606; TITLE: Russulales, including: Clavicorona Pyxidata, Russulaceae, Stereum, Stereaceae, Lactarius, Russula, Auriscalpium, Hericium Erinaceus, Auriscalpiaceae, ... Peniophora Sacrata, Heterobasidion Annosum; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357622; TITLE: Hemorrhagic Fevers, including: Lassa Fever, Dengue Fever, Ebola, Marburg Virus, Filoviridae, Hantavirus, Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever, Reston ... Forest Disease, Venezuelan Hemorrhagic Fever; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357665; TITLE: Gene Tests, including: Comparative Genomic Hybridization, Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis, Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization, Single-strand ... Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357673; TITLE: Population Ecology, including: Population, Carrying Capacity, Logistic Function, Population Density, Mortality Rate, Decline In Amphibian Populations, ... Rate, Biological Dispersal, Population Growth; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335772X; TITLE: Developmental Neuroscience, including: Neural Development, Developmental Disorder, Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor, Notochord, Neurulation, ... Axon Guidance, Netrin, Nerve Growth Factor; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357746; TITLE: Music Performance, including: Boehm System, Cadenza, Conducting, Street Performance, Concert, Solo (music), Guitar Solo, Sound System (dj), ... Notation, Rehearsal Letter, Scratch Messiah; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357754; TITLE: Alternative Rock, including: Christian Alternative Rock, Post-rock, Gothic Rock, Dream Pop, Math Rock, Madchester, Slowcore, Riot Grrrl, College Rock, ... Rock Artists, 1991: The Year Punk Broke; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357800; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1991, including: Burzum, Rancid (band), Incubus (band), Cake (band), Rage Against The Machine, Portishead (band), Lost ... (band), Powerman 5000, Oasis (band), Baha Men; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357819; TITLE: Song Articles Missing An Audio Sample, including: Follow Me Home, If This Is Love, Chick Fit, The Battle Hymn Of Cooperation, Up (the Saturdays Song), Get Sexy, Crimewave (song); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357827; TITLE: Back Stage West Garland Award Recipients, including: Ian Mckellen, David Schwimmer, Carol Burnett, David Anders, Salome Jens, Patrick Bristow, Charles ... Anderson (actor), Back Stage Garland Awards; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357843; TITLE: Dance Awards, including: The Place Prize, Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, National Museum Of Dance And Hall Of Fame, Kalidas Samman, Congress On Research ... Lippincott Award, Selma Jeanne Cohen Award; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357851; TITLE: Singing, including: A Cappella, Karaoke, Vocal Music, Mezzo-soprano, Falsetto, Sprechgesang, Numerical Sight-singing, Whistle Register, Yodeling, ... Head Voice, Vocal Range, Passaggio, Lip Sync; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357894; TITLE: Theraphosidae, including: Goliath Birdeater, Cobalt Blue Tarantula, Chilean Rose Tarantula, Avicularia, Brachypelma, Aphonopelma, Mexican Redknee ... Lasiodora Parahybana, Antilles Pinktoe; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357924; TITLE: 2000 Television Series Debuts, including: Love Hina, Survivor (tv Series), Inuyasha, Doctors (2000 Tv Series), Coupling (uk Tv Series), Hamtaro, ... Please, My Family, Saiyuki (manga), Niea 7; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357932; TITLE: Physics Events, including: International Physics Olympiad, World Year Of Physics 2005, Shelter Island Conference, Poincaré Seminars, International ... Poisk Centre, Asian Physics Olympiad; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357940; TITLE: Wilderness Areas, including: Dartmoor, Snowdonia, Freedom To Roam, Cairngorms, Boreal Forest Conservation Framework, Backcountry, Land Reform ... Range, Frankland Range, Pelion Range; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357959; TITLE: Electromagnetic Components, including: Inductor, Relay, Electric Motor, Humbucker, Hall Effect Sensor, Rotating Magnetic Field, Reed Switch, Magnetic ... Cooker, Saturable Reactor, Magnetic Core; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357967; TITLE: Attention, including: Attention-deficit Hyperact; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243357983; TITLE: Christian Hardcore, including: Zao (american Band), Project 86, Blindside, Solid State Records, Stretch Arm Strong, Showbread (band), Cry Of The ... Records, Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358017; TITLE: Occupations In Music, including: Disc Jockey, Guitarist, Pianist, Musician, Drummer, Kapellmeister, Keyboardist, Bassist, Troubadour, Bard, ... Conducting, Music Therapy, Ghostwriter; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358025; TITLE: Chest Trauma, including: Cardiac Tamponade, Pneumothorax, Traumatic Arrest, Hemothorax, Flail Chest, Hemopneumothorax, Rib Fracture, Commotio Cordis, ... Pulmonary Contusion, Sternal Fracture; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358084; TITLE: Garage Punk, including: Dwarves (band), Holly Golightly, The Donnas, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Backyard Babies, Lime Spiders, Guitar Wolf, Pussy ... The Little Killers, Gas Huffer, The Willowz; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358106; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1964, including: The Who, The Byrds, Mc5, The Moody Blues, Kool & The Gang, Ronny & The Daytonas, The Troggs, Blues ... Amboy Dukes, The Beau Brummels, Episode Six; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358122; TITLE: Mitochondrial Genetics, including: Mitochondrial Eve, Mitochondrial Dna, Human Mitochondrial Genetics, Cambridge Reference Sequence, Cytohet, Corr ... Molecular Clock, Mtdna Control Region; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358157; TITLE: Oral Communication, including: Oral History, Phonology, Speech Act, Utterance, Vocal Music, Conversation, Singing Telegram, Whistling, Telephone Call, ... Mutism, Perlocutionary Act, Cluttering; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358165; TITLE: History By Period, including: Periodization, List Of Time Periods, The Attitude Era, Time Periods In The Region Of Palestine; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358173; TITLE: Sleep Medicine, including: Polysomnography, Xyrem, Pandi-perumal; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358211; TITLE: Invasive Fungus Species, including: Dutch Elm Disease,; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358238; TITLE: Measurement Of Biodiversity, including: Indicator Species, Entropy (ecology), Species Richness, Shannon Index, Simpson Index, Bioindicator, Diversity ... Evenness, Indicator Value, Beta Diversity; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358262; TITLE: Classical Genetics, including: Allele, Gamete, Ploidy, Phenotype, Phenotypic Trait, Wild Type, Polyploidy, Dominance (genetics), Gene Pool, ... Punnett Square, Haplotype, Heterosis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358297; TITLE: Studio Theatres, including: Burton Taylor Studio, Jermyn Street Theatre, Drama Studio, University Of Sheffield, Arcola Theatre, Wickham Theatre, ... Minerva Theatre, Chichester, Ofs Studio; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358300; TITLE: Brood Parasites, including: Common Cuckoo, Honeyguide, Viduidae, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Brown-headed Cowbird, Black-headed Duck, Asian Koel, Jacobin ... Giant Cowbird, Shiny Cowbird, Cuckoo Bee; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358319; TITLE: Breakbeat, including: Drum And Bass, Breakbeat Hardcore, Breakcore, Broken Beat, Florida Breaks, List Of Breakcore Record Labels, Hardcore Breaks, ... Drum And Bass, Nu Skool Breaks, Rave Breaks; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358327; TITLE: Mycobacterium-related Cutaneous Conditions, including: Tuberculosis, Tuberculous Cervical Lymphadenitis, Buruli Ulcer, Miliary Tuberculosis, ... Tuberculid, Tuberculosis Cutis Orificialis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358343; TITLE: Crotalus, including: Crotalus Cerastes, List Of Rattlesnake Species And Subspecies, Crotalus Scutulatus, Crotalus Horridus, Crotalus Mitchellii ... Crotalus Basiliscus, Crotalus Willardi; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335836X; TITLE: Coprinellus, including: List Of Coprinellus Species, Coprinellus Amphithallus, Coprinellus Angulatus, Coprinellus Aureogranulatus, Coprinellus ... Coprinellus Ellisii, Coprinellus Domesticus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358378; TITLE: Nineteenth Dynasty Of Egypt, including: Nefertari, Sitre, Yuny, Bintanath, Chancellor Bay, Khaemweset, Maathorneferure, Ramesside Period, Nineteenth ... Tuya (queen), Takhat, Henutmire; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358416; TITLE: Vocal Skills, including: Inuit Throat Singing, Overtone Singing, Ventriloquism, Falsetto, Yodeling, Whistling, Beatboxing, Circular Breathing, ... Speech And Language Pathology, Vocal Pedagogy; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358483; TITLE: Ecology Lists, including: Global 200, List Of Sustainable Agriculture Topics, Glossary Of Ecology, List Of Introduced Species, List Of Geneticists, ... Of Ecology, List Of Conservation Issues; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335853X; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1984, including: The Stone Roses, Soundgarden, The Offspring, Primus (band), Living Colour, New Kids On The Block, ... Nephilim, Yo La Tengo, Sick Of It All, Kmfdm; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358572; TITLE: Heavy Metal Performance Techniques, including: Blast Beat, Power Chord, Palm Mute, Tapping, Pinch Harmonic, Tremolo Picking, Shred Guitar, Gravity ... (music), Death Growl, Cymbal Choke, Dive Bomb; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358580; TITLE: Karaoke, including: Karaoke Box, Magic Mic, The Karaoke King, Magic Sing, Ultrastar, Bouncing Ball, Movieoke, Karaoke World Championships, Karafun, ... Beyoncé Karaoke Hits, Vol. I, Karaoke Circus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358602; TITLE: Species Described In The 20th Century, including: Megamouth Shark, Cooloola Monster, Red Imported Fire Ant, Strigiphilus Garylarsoni, Tooth Cave ... Flower Fly, Mountain Pine Beetle, Culex Rajah; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358629; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1987, including: Deicide (band), Nirvana (band), Alice In Chains, Green Day, Rapeman, Babes In Toyland (band), 3rd Bass, ... Bix, Winger (band), Fugazi, Entombed (band); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358637; TITLE: Ecological Succession, including: Henry David Thoreau, Wildfire, Edge Effect, Pedogenesis, Vegetation, Psammosere, Pioneer Species, Climax Community, ... Community, Primary Succession, Fire Ecology; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358653; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 2006, including: Heavens (band), Gam (group), Sabbat (band), Monrose, Dethklok, The Motorettes, Nena Daconte, Larrikin ... Plays Zappa, Globus (music), The Poodles; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335870X; TITLE: Organelles, including: Cell Nucleus, Cell Wall, Chloroplast, Cell Membrane, Centriole, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi Apparatus, Lysosome, ... Vacuole, Flagellum, Cilium, Centrosome; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358726; TITLE: 1997 Plays, including: Closer (play), How I Learned To Drive, Skyscraper (play), Lazybed, Box The Pony, The Lonesome West, The Last Night Of Ballyhoo, ... Be My Baby (play), Elixier, The Weir; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358734; TITLE: Wilderness Areas, including: Dartmoor, Snowdonia, Freedom To Roam, Cairngorms, Boreal Forest Conservation Framework, Backcountry, Land Reform ... Range, Frankland Range, Pelion Range; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358750; TITLE: Asthma, including: Heliox, Bronchodilator, Terbutaline, Asthma Spacer, Salbutamol, World Asthma Day, Fluticasone, Budesonide, Salmeterol, Inhaler, ... Propionate, Metered-dose Inhaler, Bitolterol; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358785; TITLE: Trimeresurus, including: Trimeresurus Strigatus, Trimeresurus Jerdonii, Trimeresurus Mucrosquamatus, Trimeresurus Albolabris, Trimeresurus Cantori, ... Labialis, Trimeresurus Macrolepis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358793; TITLE: Mitosis, including: Prophase, Anaphase, Spindle Apparatus, Chromatid, Interphase, Telophase, Anaphase-promoting Complex, Metaphase, Condensin, ... Secondary Constriction, Separase, Pom1; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358858; TITLE: Voice Registers, including: Human Voice, Falsetto, Whistle Register, Head Voice, Register (music), Tessitura, Vocal Register, Chest Voice, Vocal Fry Register, Modal Voice, Falsettone; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358866; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1946, including: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Juilliard String Quartet, The Chordettes, Royal Opera, London, Paganini ... Orchestra, Anchorage Symphony Orchestra; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358874; TITLE: 1993 Plays, including: Arcadia (play), The Last Yankee, Five Women Wearing The Same Dress, Murder Is Easy, Picasso At The Lapin Agile, The Sisters ... Here (play), Shakespeare For My Father; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358939; TITLE: Dinner Theatre, including: Drury Lane Theatre (illinois), Dinner Theater, Desert Star Theater, Madrigal Dinner, The Mill At Sonning, Teatro Zinzanni, ... Dinner Theatre, Stagedoor Dinner Theatre; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243358963; TITLE: Tone (linguistics), including: Pitch Accent, Japanese Pitch Accent, Vedic Accent, Pitch Contour, Pitch Reset, Proto-indo-european Accent, Ancient Greek Accent; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359005; TITLE: Pezizales, including: Texas Root Rot, Sarcoscypha, Sarcoscypha Coccinea, Sarcoscyphaceae, Acervus, Aleurina, Anthracobia, Aparaphysaria, Arpinia, ... Chalazion (genus), Dictyocoprotus, Genea; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359021; TITLE: Boletales, including: Boletaceae, Scleroderma Citrinum, Strobilomyces, Strobilomycetaceae, Suillus, Melanogaster (fungus), Scleroderma Cepa, ... Rhizopogon Vulgaris, Boletus, Leccinum; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359145; TITLE: Cognitive Architecture, including: Subsumption Architecture, Soar (cognitive Architecture), Act-r, Copycat (software), Parallel Terraced Scan, Dual ... R-cast, Procedural Reasoning System, Epam; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359161; TITLE: Mumps, including: Mmr Vaccine, Mumps Virus, Mmrv Vaccine, ; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359188; TITLE: Streetpunk, including: Rancid (band), The Unseen (band), Anti-flag, Oi Polloi, The Exploited, Sham 69, Cockney Rejects, Lower Class Brats, Angelic ... And The Bastards, The Casualties, Charged Gbh; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359250; TITLE: Grindcore Musical Groups, including: Napalm Death, Assück, Nasum, Anal Cunt, Agathocles (band), The Locust, Cephalic Carnage, Naked City (band), Bolt ... Blood Duster, Carcass (band), Brujeria (band); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359269; TITLE: Skin Conditions Resulting From Physical Factors, including: Tattoo, Freckle, Burn, Blister, Callus, Frostbite, Chilblains, Chemical Burn, ... Light Sensitivity, Vibration White Finger; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359285; TITLE: Geological Hazards, including: Earthquake, Supervolcano, Tsunami, Volcano, Avalanche, Megatsunami, Lahar, Crevasse, Quicksand, Geologic Hazards, Mass ... Rockfall, Bergschrund, Limnic Eruption; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359331; TITLE: Saccharomycetes, including: Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Candida (genus), Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, Pichia Pastoris, Torulaspora Delbrueckii, ... Saccharomycetales, Zygosaccharomyces Bailii; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359358; TITLE: Mathematics Of Music, including: Serialism, Pythagorean Comma, Swung Note, Permutation (music), Comma (music), Graphical Comparison Of Musical Scales ... Fokker Periodicity Blocks, Tonality Diamond; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359382; TITLE: Musical Performance Techniques, including: Wah-wah (music), Vibrato, Trill (music), Prepared Piano, Scruggs Style, Mute (music), Slapping, Clawhammer, ... Double Stop, Circular Breathing, Sostenuto; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359390; TITLE: Sequences And Series, including: Cauchy Sequence, Sequence, Random Sequence, Tuple, Arithmetic Progression, Polynomial Sequence, Subsequence, Limit Of ... Conjecture, Addition Chain, Subadditivity; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359404; TITLE: Memory Tests, including: Glasgow Coma Scale, Testing Effect, Stroop Effect, Mini-mental State Examination, Lexical Decision Task, Barnes Maze, ... Performance Task, Hayling And Brixton Tests; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359420; TITLE: Stellar Phenomena, including: Nova, Sunspot, Supernova, Solar Wind, White Dwarf, Brown Dwarf, Galactic Cosmic Ray, Cosmic Ray, Gamma-ray Burst, Solar ... Star, Starspot, X-ray Burster, Solar Cycle; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359439; TITLE: Theatrical Genres, including: Grand Guignol, Gilbert And Sullivan, Improvisational Theatre, Musical Theatre, Sideshow, Morality Play, Vaudeville, ... Theatre, Political Theatre, Music Hall; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359463; TITLE: Starburst Galaxies, including: Messier 82, Ic 10, Starburst Galaxy, Centaurus A, Ngc 1275, Luminous Infrared Galaxy, Arp 220, Low-ionization Nuclear ... Region, Fsc15307+3253, Baby Boom Galaxy; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335948X; TITLE: Biology Theories, including: Evolution, Evolutionism, Recapitulation Theory, Punctuated Equilibrium, Rna World Hypothesis, Quantum Evolution, Modern ... Lamarckism, Biogenesis, Genetic Determinism; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359498; TITLE: Visitor Attractions, including: Aqueduct, Tourist Attraction, List Of Heritage Railways, Honeypot (geography), Visitor Center, Observation Deck, List ... Farm, Overlook, List Of Renaissance Fairs; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359528; TITLE: Communication Towers, including: Cn Tower, Sky Tower, Ostankino Tower, Fernsehturm Berlin, Europaturm, Torre De Collserola, N Seoul Tower, Fernsehturm ... Torre Entel, Baghdad Tower, Canton Tower; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359544; TITLE: Continuous Mappings, including: Borsuk-ulam Theorem, Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem, Continuous Function, Intermediate Value Theorem, Stone-weierstrass ... Phenomenon, Homotopy, Absolute Continui; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359552; TITLE: Cell Biology, including: Amoeboid, Cell (biology), Chemotaxis, Flagellate, Hemicellulose, Plant Cell, Stem Cell, Signal Transduction, Osmotic ... Modification, Macrophage, Platelet; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359595; TITLE: Disturbances Of Human Pigmentation, including: Vitiligo, Hfe Hereditary Hemochromatosis, Arsenic Poisoning, Argyria, Lead Poisoning, Tietz Syndrome, ... Syndrome, Canthaxanthin, Linea Nigra; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359609; TITLE: Gamma Cassiopeiae Variables, including: Beta Canis Minoris, Zeta Tauri, Gamma Cassiopeiae Variable, Pleione (star), Epsilon Apodis, Omicron Aquarii, ... Majoris, 10 Canis Majoris, 27 Canis Majoris; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359617; TITLE: Gaming, including: Game Clock, Gamer, Gen Con, Torcs, Metagaming, Game Club, Computer-assisted Gaming, Girl Gamer, Penny Arcade Expo, List Of Basic ... Gameroom Show, Profezia, Classic Game Room; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335965X; TITLE: Challenge Walks, including: Lyke Wake Walk, Yorkshire Three Peaks, Ten Tors, National Three Peaks Challenge, International Four Days Marches Nijmegen, ... Walkathon, Kennedy March, Pathfinder March; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359684; TITLE: Non-linear Systems, including: Chaos Theory, Nonlinear System, Bifurcation Theory, Bak-tang-wiesenfeld Sandpile, Hodgkin-huxley Model, Period-doubling ... Dispersive Partial Differential Equation; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359757; TITLE: Circuses, including: Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!, Circus, Cirque Du Soleil, Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus, Screamer (march), Flea ... Clown Bicycle, Pickle Family Circus, Archaos; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359765; TITLE: Geologic Provinces, including: Niger Delta Province, Geologic Province, Amazonian Shield, Newer Volcanics Province, Physiographic Province, Algoman Orogeny, Great Lakes Tectonic Zone, Nain Province; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359781; TITLE: Geostatistics, including: Semivariance, Kriging, Cluster Analysis, Inverse Distance Weighting, Variogram, Markov Chain Geostatistics, Spatial ... Georges Matheron, Multiple-indicator Kriging; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359811; TITLE: Rocket Stages, including: Centaur (rocket Stage), S-ivb, Rm-81 Agena, S-ic, S-ii, S-iv, S-ib, Blok D, Earth Departure Stage, Common Booster Core, ... 48, Briz-m, Castor (rocket Stage), Blok 2bl; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124335982X; TITLE: Personality Traits, including: Piety, Virtue, Trait Theory, Religiosity, Character Structure, Alexithymia, Conscientiousness, Snob, Highly Sensitive ... Traits, Whiz Kid, Authoritarian Personality; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359846; TITLE: Transportation Occupations, including: Aviator, Porter (carrier), Conductor (transportation), Chauffeur, Bicycle Messenger, Courier, Boatswain, Mail ... Maintenance Technician, Gandy Dancer, Purser; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359854; TITLE: Culture By Region, including: Romanitas, National Language, Culture Of The Indian Ocean Islands, Culture Of The Arab States Of The Persian Gulf, Music Of Canadian Cultures; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359870; TITLE: Suits (clothing), including: Pajamas, Wetsuit, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Coat (clothing), Suit (clothing), Zoot Suit, Jinbei, Mess Dress, Drape Suit, ... Dobok, Tracksuit, Buckskins, Sailor Suit; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359889; TITLE: Pollutants, including: Pollutant, Hydrogen Sulfide, Butanone, Tropospheric Ozone, Particulate, Mesitylene, Methyl Tert-butyl Ether, Xenobiotic, ... Ethyl Tert-butyl Ether, Peroxyacyl Nitrates; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359897; TITLE: Agaricomycotina, including: Jelly Fungus, Cryptococcus, Cryptococcus Neoformans, Malassezia, Tremella Fuciformis, Pseudohydnum Gelatinosum, Tremella ... Dacryopinax Spathularia, Tremella Frondosa; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359900; TITLE: Eclipsing Binaries, including: Epsilon Ursae Majoris, Castor (star), Delta Orionis, Ss 433, Alpha Coronae Borealis, Epsilon Carinae, Epsilon Aurigae, ... Upsilon Sagittarii, Alcyone (star); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359919; TITLE: Be Stars, including: Albireo, Be X-ray Binaries, Be Star, Pleione (star), Epsilon Apodis, Alpha Arae, Eta Centauri, Delta Centauri, 11 Camelopardalis, ... Hd 153261, Kappa¹ Apodis, Beta Monocerotis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243359978; TITLE: Hot Neptunes, including: Gliese 581 B, 55 Cancri E, Mu Arae C, Hd 69830 D, Hd 69830 C, Gliese 436 B, Hd 69830 B, Gliese 777 C, Hd 4308 B, Hd 219828 B, ... B, Hd 179079 B, Bd-08°2823 B, Hd 125612 C; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360011; TITLE: Terrestrial Planets, including: Earth, Mercury (planet), Venus, Terrestrial Planet, Carbon Planet, Ogle-2005-blg-390lb, 55 Cancri E, Gliese 876 D, Mu ... D, Super-earth, Mars, Gliese 176 B, Hd 7924 B; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336002X; TITLE: Informal Personal Names, including: Nickname, Sissy, Moniker, Hypocorism, Iron Lady, Bubba, Lutz, Athletic Nickname, Outis, Matt (given Name), Matti (given Name), Reggie (pet Name); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360054; TITLE: Deontological Ethics, including: Immanuel Kant, Robert Nozick, John Rawls, Original Position, Christine Korsgaard, Categorical Imperative, On The Basis Of Morality; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360119; TITLE: Fleas, including: Flea, Stephanocircidae, Chigoe Flea, Echidna Flea, Oriental Rat Flea, Saurophthirus, Cat Flea, Ceratophyllidae, Hectopsyllidae, ... Ctenophthalmus Pseudagyrtes, Moorhen Flea; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360143; TITLE: Vocal Coaches, including: Floor Jansen, Vibeke Stene, Rita Quintero, Jean Del Val, Estelle Liebling, John Moriarty (conductor), Mathilde Marchesi, ... Rich, Cece Sammy, Carrie Grant, Janice Cruz; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336016X; TITLE: Exonumia, including: Coin Collecting, Numismatics, Medal, Pub Token, Casino Token, Elongated Coin, Napoleonic Medal, Joss Paper, Bracteate, Trade ... Nickel, Canadian Tire Money, Small Crown Chip; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360216; TITLE: 217 Bc, including: Battle Of Lake Trasimene, Battle Of Raphia, Battle Of Ebro River, Battle Of Ager Falernus, Battle Of Geronium; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360224; TITLE: Animals Described In 1774, including: Polar Bear, Death Watch Beetle, Tubifex Tubifex, Mona Monkey, Blond Capuchin, Barbastelle, Lesser Spot-nosed ... Maculatus, Roloway Monkey, Dina Lineata; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360232; TITLE: Integral Theory, including: Francisco Varela, Ken Wilber, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Institute, John David Garcia, Don Beck (management Consultant), ... Combs, Michael E. Zimmerman, One: The Movie; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243360348; TITLE: Electronic Dance Music, including: Acid Jazz, Four-on-the-floor (dance), Free Tekno, Dance-punk, Euro Disco, Hot Dance Airplay, Glowsticking, Dance ... Mim, Dance Radio, Digihai, Dubstyle, Dj Tutor; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243360453; TITLE: Iucn Category Iii, including: Rhine Falls, Mount Aniakchak, Amboy Crater, Bear Butte, Mount Shishaldin, Cathedral Caverns State Park, Dinosaur Valley ... State Park, Canaan Valley, Arrigetch Peaks; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243360488; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1954, including: The Isley Brothers, Lyric Opera Of Chicago, Orquestra Sinfônica Do Estado De São Paulo, The Chambers ... Philharmonic, The Cookies, The Kaye Sisters; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336050X; TITLE: Electro Rock, including: Radio 4 (band), Le Tigre, Chicks On Speed, Sheep On Drugs, Darkwood Dub, Camouflage Nights, Selfish Cunt, Css (band), Trabant ... Candy, Filthy Dukes, Doll Factory, E-play; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360577; TITLE: 2003 Introductions, including: Enhanced Data Rates For Gsm Evolution, Geforce Fx Series, Serial Ata, Athlon 64, Pentium M, X86-64, Tsubasa: Reservoir ... Negi Magi, Jack Sparrow, Qibla Cola, Eyetoy; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360585; TITLE: Musical Memes, including: Symphony No. 5 (beethoven), Sabre Dance, Für Elise, 1812 Overture, Earworm, Night On Bald Mountain, Chopsticks (music), ... Bumblebee, In The Hall Of The Mountain King; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360623; TITLE: Clarence Derwent Award Winners, including: Calista Flockhart, Judy Holliday, Jason Ritter, Gene Wilder, Joan Allen, John Mahoney, Dianne Wiest, Lisa ... Anne Meacham, Kristin Chenoweth, Tom Ewell; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360631; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1959, including: Tommy James And The Shondells, The Supremes, The Zombies, The Ronettes, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The ... I Solisti Veneti, The Searchers (band), Zaj; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360690; TITLE: Neuropsychologists, including: Roger Wolcott Sperry, Donald O. Hebb, Alexander Luria, Wilder Penfield, Karl Lashley, Brenda Milner, António Damásio, ... Kirk, Elkhonon Goldberg, Norman Geschwind; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243360763; TITLE: Breakcore, including: Doormouse, Venetian Snares, Atomly, Shitmat, Nasenbluten, Drop Bass Network, Axiome, Bloody Fist Records, Jason Forrest, ... Society Suckers, Fanny (artist); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360801; TITLE: 1976 Plays, including: Brimstone And Treacle, Streamers, California Suite, Sly Fox, Emma (play), Confusions, Legend (play), Vinegar Tom (play), ... Belle Of Amherst, Meantime (film), Dear Daddy; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360860; TITLE: Viperinae, including: Cerastes Cerastes, Echis Carinatus, Echis Coloratus, Vipera Berus, Bitis Gabonica, Daboia, Bitis, Bitis Nasicornis, Bitis ... Persicus Fieldi, Atheris Squamigera; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243360917; TITLE: Electro-industrial, including: Velvet Acid Christ, Suicide Commando, Funker Vogt, Hocico, Wumpscut:, Leæther Strip, Dismantled, Ayria, Android Lust, ... Cleaner (band), Spahn Ranch (band), Feindflug; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361026; TITLE: Hardcore Punk, including: Emo, Moshing, Ross Robinson, Crimethinc., Hardline (subculture), 924 Gilman Street, Rock Against Communism, Last Hours, New ... Hardcore, Abc No Rio, Nazi Punk, Hatecore; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361050; TITLE: Neurophysiology, including: Axon, Dendrite, F Wave, Chemical Synapse, Clinical Neurophysiology, Exocytosis, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, ... Refractory Period (physiology), H-reflex; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361107; TITLE: Nightwish Concert Tours, including: Wishmaster World Tour, World Tour Of The Century, Once Upon A Tour, Dark Passion Play World Tour, Oceanborn Europe Tour, The First Tour Of The Angels; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361123; TITLE: Quality Experts, including: W. Edwards Deming, Walter A. Shewhart, Genichi Taguchi, Kaoru Ishikawa, Watts Humphrey, Juran Institute, Shigeo Shingo, ... B. Crosby, Taiichi Ohno, Armand V. Feigenbaum; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243361212; TITLE: Animal Attacks, including: Shark Attack, Snakebite, Beast Of Gévaudan, Binky (polar Bear), Bee Sting, Leopard Of Panar, Leopard Of Rudraprayag, Dog ... Crocodile Attack, Spider Bite, Bear Danger; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361220; TITLE: Ballet Venues, including: Sydney Opera House, Palais Garnier, Royal Albert Hall, Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera House, Vienna State Opera, Berlin ... Royal Danish Theatre, Paris Opera, Stopera; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361255; TITLE: Live Music, including: Live Coding, House Band, Rock Concert, Recorded Live Track, Launchpad Competition, Program Note, Instrument-switch, Etree, ... List Of Peel Sessions, Livetronica; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243361298; TITLE: Immunodeficiency, including: Hiv, Severe Combined I; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336131X; TITLE: Puppet Theaters, including: Bread And Puppet Theater, Stony Creek Puppet House, Lambert Puppet Theatre, Augsburger Puppenkiste, The Theatre Of Small ... Puppet Theatre, Vertep, Little Angel Theatre; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361336; TITLE: Westlife Concert Tours, including: Back Home Tour, Where The Dreams Come True Tour, World Of Our Own Tour, Turnaround Tour, The Love Tour (westlife), ... Tour, Face To Face Tour, Where We Are Tour; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361344; TITLE: Biogeography, including: Ecoregion, Nearctic Ecozone, Neotropic Ecozone, Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, Land Bridge, Chorology, Terrestrial Ecozone, ... Ecozone, Indomalaya Ecozone, Biocoenosis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361379; TITLE: Industrial Railways, including: London Post Office Railway, Usg Corporation, Bord Na Móna, Snailbeach District Railways, Cartier Railway, Industrial ... Wabush Lake Railway, Titterstone Clee Hill; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361395; TITLE: Immunology, including: Inoculation, Immune System, Vaccination, Vaccine, Mantoux Test, Allergy, Allergen, Herd Immunity, Autoimmunity, Elisa, ... Immunotherapy, Immunization, Titer; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361468; TITLE: 1990s, including: Political Correctness, 1990s In Film, Year Of The Woman, Web 1.0, Revolutions Of 1989, Autonomism, List Of People In Maxim Magazine, ... (1992-1996), 1990s In Sociology, Cigar Boom; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361522; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1961, including: The Beach Boys, Peter, Paul And Mary, Golden Earring, Vito & The Salutations, The Applejacks (uk Band), ... Pipe Band, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361557; TITLE: Elapidae, including: King Cobra, Austrelaps, Mamba, Coral Snake, Bungarus, Acanthophis, Aspidelaps, Tiger Snake, Inland Taipan, Common Krait, Spitting ... Snake, Red-bellied Black Snake, Black Mamba; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361581; TITLE: Venomous Spiders, including: Brown Recluse Spider, Latrodectus Mactans, Brazilian Wandering Spider, Australian Funnel-web Spider, Latrodectus, Recluse ... Latrodectus Tredecimguttatus, Steatoda; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361654; TITLE: Formal Sections In Music Analysis, including: Melody, Cadenza, Scherzo, Coda (music), Recitative, Refrain, Call And Response (music), Movement ... Theme (music), Incipit, Figure (music), Satz; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361719; TITLE: Parasitic Animals, including: Acanthocephala, Mesozoa, Nematomorpha, Ischnocera, Trichuris Trichiura, Sacculina, Barnacle, Myxozoa, Trematoda, ... Hookworm, Fasciola Hepatica, Zimb; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361735; TITLE: Economic Botany, including: William Jackson Hooker, William Roxburgh, Ethnopharmacology, John Uri Lloyd, Harvard University Herbaria, Nobuyuki Tanaka, ... Cleghorn, Julia Morton, Economic Botany; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361867; TITLE: Ego Psychology, including: Psychology Of Self, Self-hatred, Egocentrism, Egosyntonic, Egodystonic, Basic Anxiety, Egomania, Intrapsychic, Ego ... Self-justification, Self-affirmation; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361875; TITLE: Trimeresurus, including: Trimeresurus Strigatus, Trimeresurus Jerdonii, Trimeresurus Mucrosquamatus, Trimeresurus Albolabris, Trimeresurus Cantori, ... Labialis, Trimeresurus Macrolepis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361883; TITLE: 1800s, including: 1800-1809, Napoleonic Wars, First Barbary War, Fulani War, Anglo-turkish War (1807-1809), Luccan Franc, Anglo-spanish War (1796-1808); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361891; TITLE: Virology, including: Capsid, Dna Virus, Provirus, Quasispecies Model, Rna Virus, Vaccine, Integrase, Aerobiology, Virus Classification, Viral Load, ... Viral Evolution, Rhabdoviridae, Coinfection; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361921; TITLE: Supernumerary Body Parts, including: Hyperdontia, Supernumerary Nipple, Polyorchidism, Accessory Breast, Polycephaly, Cervical Rib, Polymelia, ... Androgen-induced Hermaphroditism, Diplopodia; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361956; TITLE: 6th-century Bc Deaths, including: Alcaeus Of Mytilene, Jeremiah, Corinna, Hippocleides, Cleisthenes Of Sicyon, Scylax Of Caryanda, Exekias, Sophilos, ... Lydos, Affecter, Antimenes Painter; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243361964; TITLE: Electronic Music Genres, including: Drum And Bass, House Music, Musique Concrète, New Wave Music, Trance Music, Ambient Music, Breakbeat, Intelligent ... Hardcore, List Of Electronic Music Genres; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336212X; TITLE: Amanita, including: Amanita Muscaria, Amanita Phalloides, Destroying Angel, Amanita Pantherina Var. Pantherina, Amanita Virosa, Amanita Fulva, Amanita ... Gemmata, Amanita Cokeri, Amanita Lanei; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362294; TITLE: Armillaria, including: Honey Fungus, Armillaria Mellea, Armillaria Ostoyae, Armillaria Luteobubalina, Armillaria Tabescens, Armillaria Heimii, ... Armillaria Sinapina, Armillaria Limonea; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362308; TITLE: Arthropod-borne Viral Fevers And Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers, including: Lassa Fever, Rift Valley Fever, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, ... Fever, Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever, Arenavirus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362316; TITLE: Circadian Rhythms, including: Free-running Sleep, Jet Lag, Circadian Rhythm, Chronobiology, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, ... Suprachiasmatic Nucleus, Polyphasic Sleep; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362340; TITLE: Electronica, including: Trip Hop, Intelligent Dance Music, Chiptune, Glitch (music), Nu Jazz, Downtempo, Mana Erg, Amp (tv Series), Fierce Angel, ... For My Memories, Wired Records, Action Radius; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362359; TITLE: 1947 Plays, including: A Streetcar Named Desire (play), All My Sons, Eleutheria (play), The Maids, The Man Outside, Men Should Weep, Invitation To The ... Midnight, Forsaken House, The Heiress (play); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362413; TITLE: Cytogenetics, including: Autosome, Chromosome, Ploidy, Trisomy, Karyotype, X Chromosome, Aneuploidy, Homologous Chromosome, Uniparental Disomy, ... Monosomy, Synapsis, Pseudoautosomal Region; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362472; TITLE: Venomous Mammals, including: Platypus, Cuban Solenodon, Solenodon, European Mole, Slow Loris, Northern Short-tailed Shrew, Southern Short-tailed ... Loris, Pygmy Slow Loris, Bengal Slow Loris; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362499; TITLE: Cellular Neuroscience, including: Dendrite, Chemical Synapse, Action Potential, Synapse, Synaptotropic Hypothesis, Soliton Model, Ikk2, Calcium ... Excitable Cell, Neuroelectrodynamics; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362529; TITLE: Powerviolence, including: The Locust, Dropdead, 625 Thrashcore, Hellnation, Rorschach (band), Man Is The Bastard, Lärm, Capitalist Casualties, Crossed ... United Nations (band), Black Army Jacket; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362634; TITLE: 20th-century Philosophy, including: Existentialism, Ideology, Phenomenology (philosophy), Scientism, Dasein, Traditionalist School, Value Judgment, ... Of Translation, Positivism, Doxa, Noneism; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362707; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1955, including: Beaux Arts Trio, Houston Grand Opera, The Miracles, The Bobbettes, The Jodimars, The Statler Brothers, ... The Temperance Seven, The Marsh Ladies Choir; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362723; TITLE: Myrmicinae, including: Atta (genus), Anergates, Leafcutter Ant, Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis Fugax, Myrmica Rubra, Pheidole, Fungus-growing Ants, ... Genus), Black Imported Fire Ant, Cephalotini; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362766; TITLE: Nature Reserves, including: Natura 2000, Nature Reserve, Barro Colorado Island, Regional Park, Peros Banhos, Port River, Three Brothers (islands), ... Marquesan Nature Reserves, Tajba, Rejvíz; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362782; TITLE: Public Speakers, including: Dale Carnegie, Pandurang Shastri Athavale, Hubert Harrison, Swami Rama Tirtha, Loretta Long, Terrence Mccann, Juan José ... Matt Kelley, Jason Leen, Derek Gehl, Jj Mckay; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362820; TITLE: Entertainment Venues, including: Movie Theater, Opera House, Majlis, Ballroom, Dance Hall, Billiard Hall, Theater (structure), In-flight ... Westgate Hall, Canterbury, The Kee To Bala; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362871; TITLE: Fomitopsidaceae, including: Piptoporus Betulinus, Piptoporus, Fomitopsis Pinicola, Fomitopsis Cajanderi, Fomitopsis Palustris, Fomitopsis Rosea, ... Postia Tephroleuca, Fu Ling, Amylocystis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362901; TITLE: Semiregular Variables, including: Betelgeuse, List Of Semiregular Variable Stars, Semiregular Variable Star, Beta Andromedae, Delta Virginis, Rho ... Iota Tucanae, Mu Ursae Majoris, Hd 3346; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362936; TITLE: Active Galaxy Types, including: Quasar, Active Galactic Nucleus, Seyfert Galaxy, Radio Galaxy, Blazar, Bl Lac Object, Ovv Quasar, Luminous Infrared ... X-shaped Radio Galaxy, X-rays From Eridanus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243362995; TITLE: Epigenetics, including: Histone, Genomic Imprinting, Sex-determination System, Methylation, Gene Silencing, Histone Methyltransferase, Histone ... Testis Determining Factor, Mll (gene); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363002; TITLE: Harps, including: Harp, Kora (instrument), Kafir Harp, Saung, Harp Lute, Gravikord, Laser Harp, Camac Harps, Electric Harp, Konghou, Trigonon, Harp ... Na Gcláirseach, Cross-strung Harp, Ennanga; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336307X; TITLE: Fifth Dynasty Of Egypt, including: Unas, Sahure, Palermo Stone, Userkaf, Neferirkare Kakai, Menkauhor Kaiu, Djedkare Isesi, Neferefre, Nyuserre Ini, ... Khentkaus I, Neferetnebty, Raemka; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363088; TITLE: Popular Music, including: Afrobeat, Rock And Roll, Rhythm Guitar, Music Video, Contemporary Christian Music, Jesus Music, Cover Version, Raï, Hidden ... Schlager, Music Journalism, Groove (music); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363185; TITLE: Personality Tests, including: Myers-briggs Type Indicator, Purity Test, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Personality Test, Projective ... Lüscher Color Test, F-scale, Szondi Test; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363215; TITLE: Chronologists, including: Bede, Eusebius Of Caesarea, Jerome, Aloysius Lilius, James Ussher, Dionysius Exiguus, Joseph Justus Scaliger, Henry Dodwell, ... Christian Ludwig Ideler, Sethus Calvisius; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363282; TITLE: Mycobacterium-related Cutaneous Conditions, including: Tuberculosis, Tuberculous Cervical Lymphadenitis, Buruli Ulcer, Miliary Tuberculosis, ... Tuberculid, Tuberculosis Cutis Orificialis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363347; TITLE: 1960s Software, including: Multics, Ibm System/360, Multiprogramming With A Variable Number Of Tasks, Tos/360, Michigan Terminal System, Compatible ... Tss/360, Orvyl And Wylbur, Simmon, Tree-meta; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363355; TITLE: Lycoperdaceae, including: Lycoperdon, Calvatia Gigantea, Lycoperdon Perlatum, Lycoperdon Umbrinum, Western Giant Puffball, Calvatia Craniiformis, ... Bovista Plumbea, Bovista Dermoxantha, Handkea; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363398; TITLE: Musical Improvisation, including: Jam Band, Improvised Music From Japan, Jam Session, Ninjam, Improvisation In Music Therapy, Intuitive Music, Jazz Improvisation, Impro-visor, Ixiquarks; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363401; TITLE: 479 Bc, including: Battle Of Mycale, Sestos, Battle Of Plataea; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363436; TITLE: Plants Described In 1928, including: Nepenthes Fusca, Nepenthes Clipeata, Nepenthes Ephippiata, Nepenthes Pilosa, Nepenthes Mollis, Nepenthes Dubia, ... Nepenthes Papuana, Nepenthes Paniculata; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363444; TITLE: String Instruments, including: Banjo, Bass Guitar, Balalaika, Classical Guitar, Cello, Clavichord, Double Bass, Viola, String Instrument, Sitar, ... Guitar, Cittern, Aliquot Stringing, Bandura; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363487; TITLE: Agaricus, including: Agaricus Bisporus, Agaricus Xanthodermus, Agaricus Subrufescens, Agaricus Impudicus, Agaricus Moelleri, Agaricus Arvensis, ... Agaricus Bitorquis, Agaricus Bernardii; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363541; TITLE: Sleep Medicine, including: Polysomnography, Xyrem, Pandi-perumal; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336355X; TITLE: Keyboard Instruments, including: Accordion, Clavichord, Harpsichord, Musical Keyboard, Piano, Keyboard Instrument, Celesta, Melodica, Concertina, ... Ondes Martenot, Janko Keyboard, Harmonium; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363614; TITLE: 5th Century Bc, including: Plague Of Athens, 5th Century Bc In Poetry, Classical Greece, Greece In 5th Century Bc, Carthaginian Iberia, List Of Sovereign States In The 5th Century Bc; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363673; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1983, including: Bronski Beat, Big Audio Dynamite, Megadeth, Phish, Run-d.m.c., Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Stems, Nofx, ... My Bloody Valentine (band), The Cult, Niet; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363711; TITLE: 2002 Books, including: The Paradoxical Commandments, The Salmon Of Doubt, The Theory Of Everything, A New Kind Of Science, Bountiful Harvest, Criminal ... Literature, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336372X; TITLE: Tricholomataceae, including: Matsutake, Clitocybe, Tricholoma, Clitocybe Nuda, Lepista, Calocybe Gambosa, Tricholoma Equestre, Tricholoma Argyraceum, ... Tricholoma Magnivelare, Leucopaxillus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363754; TITLE: Road Traffic Management, including: Traffic, High-occupancy Vehicle Lane, Speed Limit, Ramp Meter, Traffic Enforcement Camera, Traffic Light, Road ... Traffic Psychology, Rumble Strip, Inrix; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363827; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1979, including: Beastie Boys, Associates (band), The Replacements (band), Brave Combo, Marillion, Bananarama, ... Fishbone, Cocteau Twins, Secret Affair; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363835; TITLE: Transport Economics, including: Network Effect, Road Pricing, Congestion Pricing, Transport Finance, Lewis-mogridge Position, Fuel Efficiency, Fuel ... Car, Rebecca Riots, Rolling Resistance; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363894; TITLE: 10th Century, including: Abu Zayd Al-hilali, Fajada Butte, Timeline Of 10th Century Muslim History, 10th Century In Literature, 10th Century In ... Of The Rus, Christianity In The 10th Century; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363908; TITLE: Bridges Completed In 2009, including: Lake Hodges Bridge, Stonecutters Bridge, Pitt River Bridge, Suramadu Bridge, Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge, Judith ... Samuel Beckett Bridge, Malir River Bridge; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363932; TITLE: Ustilaginomycotina, including: Corn Smut, Ustilago, Karnal Bunt, Ryegrass Bunt, Ustilaginomycetes, Sugarcane Smut, Ustilaginales, Common Bunt, ... Tilletia Controversa, Urocystis Agropyri; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363940; TITLE: Clothing Controversies, including: Sweatshop, Sumptuary Law, Zoot Suit Riots, Fur Farming, Bikini Waxing, Wardrobe Malfunction, Dress Code, Victorian ... Act, Nylon Riots, Fur Clothing, Hat Act; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243363991; TITLE: Causality, including: Butterfly Effect, Chain Reaction, Domino Effect, Etiology, Grandfather Paradox, Free Will, Teleology, Causality (physics), ... Fatalism, Time Loop, Ontological Paradox; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243364033; TITLE: Ecological Metrics, including: Biomass (ecology), Carrying Capacity, Maximum Sustainable Yield, Ecological Yield, Species Diversity, Optimum ... Population Size, Minimum Viable Population; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336405X; TITLE: Sound, including: Decibel, High Fidelity, Amplitude, Ambient Noise Level, A3d, Supersonic, Analog Recording Vs. Digital Recording, Stridulation, ... Sound, Missing Fundamental, Soundproofing; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243364238; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1984, including: The Stone Roses, Soundgarden, The Offspring, Primus (band), Living Colour, New Kids On The Block, ... Nephilim, Yo La Tengo, Sick Of It All, Kmfdm; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243364270; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1973, including: Cold Chisel, Skyhooks (band), Television (band), The Rubettes, Quiet Riot, Ac/dc, Blue Swede, Journey ... And The Sunshine Band, The Dingoes, The Tubes; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243364289; TITLE: String Instrument Construction, including: Plectrum, Fret, Sound Box, Strähle Construction, Sound Board (music), Fingerboard, Semi-acoustic Guitar, ... Tailpiece, Badass, Purfling, Sound Hole; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243364297; TITLE: Neuropsychological Tests, including: Glasgow Coma Scale, Neuropsychological Test, Stroop Effect, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Mini-mental State ... Of London Test, Lexical Decision Task, Tova; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243364386; TITLE: Palynology, including: Pollen, Younger Dryas, Forensic Palynology, Acritarch, Melissopalynology, Chitinozoan, Sporopollenin, Palynofacies, Pollen ... Harry Godwin, Blytt-sernander, Older Dryas; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243364475; TITLE: Intestinal Infectious Diseases, including: Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Diarrhea, Shigellosis, Pseudomembranous Colitis, Amoebic Dysentery, Isosporiasis, ... Balantidiasis, Enterocolitis, Amoebiasis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243364483; TITLE: Cadences, including: Cadenza, Cadence (music), Picardy Third, Landini Cadence, Andalusian Cadence, Backdoor Progression, Turnaround (music), Ii-v-i ... Andalusian Cadences, Corelli Cadence; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243364696; TITLE: Myrmicinae, including: Atta (genus), Anergates, Leafcutter Ant, Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis Fugax, Myrmica Rubra, Pheidole, Fungus-growing Ants, ... Genus), Black Imported Fire Ant, Cephalotini; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243364742; TITLE: Electronic Music, including: Rave, Freetekno, Bbc Radiophonic Workshop, Tape Music, Digital Art, Oramics, Dub Music, Free Party, Ircam, Tape Loop, ... Record Labels, Downtempo, Envelope Detector; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243364750; TITLE: Woodlice, including: Armadillidium, Armadillidiidae, Armadillidium Vulgare, Porcellionidae, Oniscoidea, Oniscus Asellus, Ligia Oceanica, ... Haplophthalmus Rhinoceros, Moserius Percoi; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243364823; TITLE: Fricative Consonants, including: Fricative Consonant, Voiceless Velar Fricative, Alveolar Ejective Fricative, Voiced Alveolar Lateral Fricative, ... Voiced Bilabial Fricative, Ceceo, Sje-sound; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243365358; TITLE: Disco, including: Beatmatching, Disc Jockey, Disco Demolition Night, List Of Disco Artists, Y.m.c.a. (song), Hustle (dance), Studio 54, Disco Ball, ... Retreat, Tee Scott, Richie Rome, Disco Mix; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243365374; TITLE: 1915, including: 1915 In Science, 1915 In Aviation, List Of State Leaders In 1915, 1915 In Archaeology, 1915 In Art, List Of Ship Commissionings In ... In Poetry, List Of Sovereign States In 1915; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243365404; TITLE: Pezizomycetes, including: Morchella, Gyromitra Esculenta, Pezizaceae, Morchella Esculenta, Aleuria Aurantia, Terfeziaceae, Gyromitra Gigas, Gyromitra, ... Tuberaceae, Gyromitra Ambigua, Verpa, Jafnea; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243365412; TITLE: Musical Analysis, including: Ostinato, Essays In Musical Analysis, Absolute Music, Paradigmatic Analysis, Tension And Release, Stretto, Wordless Functional Analysis, Homotonal, Roman Numeral Analysis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243365420; TITLE: 2010s Economic History, including: Late-2000s Recession, Financial Crisis Of 2007-2010, Late 2000s - Early 2010s Recession In The Americas, Great ... Pennsylvania Budget Impasses, Flash Crash; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243365439; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1982, including: Public Enemy (band), The Pogues, They Might Be Giants, Psyche (band), The Smiths, Kreator, Primal ... Melvins, Dio (band), Skinny Puppy, A-ha; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243365838; TITLE: Grindcore, including: Goregrind, Siege (band), You Suffer, Deathgrind, Ben Janssen, Electro Hippies, Choosing Death: The Improbable History Of Death ... Phantomsmasher, Powerviolence, Pornogrind; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243365862; TITLE: Suillus, including: Suillus Luteus, Suillus Granulatus, Suillus Bovinus, Suillus Grevillei, Suillus Variegatus, Suillus Americanus, Suillus Brevipes, ... Suillus Tomentosus, Suillus Quiescens; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243365927; TITLE: Predators, including: Bear, Killer Whale, Shark, Bobcat, Cobra, Nile Crocodile; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243366028; TITLE: Musical Analysis, including: Ostinato, Essays In Musical Analysis, Absolute Music, Paradigmatic Analysis, Tension And Release, Stretto, Wordless Functional Analysis, Homotonal, Roman Numeral Analysis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243366370; TITLE: Parasitic Animals, including: Acanthocephala, Mesozoa, Nematomorpha, Ischnocera, Trichuris Trichiura, Sacculina, Barnacle, Myxozoa, Trematoda, ... Hookworm, Fasciola Hepatica, Zimb; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243366451; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1969, including: Hawkwind, King Crimson, Zz Top, Focus (band), Aerosmith, The Allman Brothers Band, Badfinger, Ufo ... & Fire, Thin Lizzy, Uriah Heep (band), Nektar; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336646X; TITLE: Neurophysiology, including: Axon, Dendrite, F Wave, Chemical Synapse, Clinical Neurophysiology, Exocytosis, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, ... Refractory Period (physiology), H-reflex; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366540; TITLE: Marasmiaceae, including: Shiitake, Omphalotus Olearius, Crinipellis Perniciosa, Omphalotus Illudens, Marasmius, Omphalotus, Lentinula, Omphalotus ... Cocophilus, Marasmiellus Scandens; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366559; TITLE: Transducers, including: Microelectromechanical Systems, Piezoelectricity, Relay, Potentiometer, Sensor, Transducer, Electroactive Polymers, Orthomode ... Interdigital Transducer, Ionophone; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366656; TITLE: Arthropod-borne Viral Fevers And Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers, including: Lassa Fever, Rift Valley Fever, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, ... Fever, Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever, Arenavirus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366680; TITLE: Boletus, including: Boletus Edulis, Boletus Satanas, Boletus Calopus, Boletus Aereus, Boletus Badius, Boletus Erythropus, Boletus Reticulatus, List Of ... Boletus Chrysenteron, Boletus Luridus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366737; TITLE: 2000s In Music, including: Gangsta Rap, House Music, New Wave Music, Nu Metal, Emo, Synthpop, Indie Rock, Electropop, Pop Punk, Riot Grrrl, Teen Pop, ... Irish Hip Hop, Taryn Manning, Post-grunge; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366745; TITLE: Rolf Schock Prize Laureates, including: Andrew Wiles, Willard Van Orman Quine, Saul Kripke, Mauricio Kagel, John Rawls, György Ligeti, Dana Scott, ... Kronos Quartet, Solomon Feferman, Mikio Sato; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366796; TITLE: Affricates, including: Affricate Consonant, Voiceless Alveolar Affricate, Voiceless Postalveolar Affricate, Voiced Postalveolar Affricate, Voiceless ... Voiceless Alveolar Lateral Affricate; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366842; TITLE: Virus-related Cutaneous Conditions, including: Lassa Fever, Rift Valley Fever, Wart, Dengue Fever, Cowpox, Measles, Cytomegalovirus, Infectious ... Rubella Syndrome, Genital Wart, Monkeypox; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366850; TITLE: Ecological Cycles, including: Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, Biogeochemical Cycle, Hydrogen Cycle, Carbon Cycle Re-balancing, Sallie W. Chisholm, ... Cycle, Actinorhizal Plant, Forest Floor; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366893; TITLE: Amoebozoa, including: Entamoeba, Mycetozoa, Dictyostelium, Entamoeba Histolytica, Acanthamoeba, Entamoeba Coli, Pelomyxa, Lobosea, Endolimax, Chaos ... Difflugia, Amoeba Proteus, Tubulinea; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366974; TITLE: Overuse Injuries, including: Repetitive Strain Injury, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Tendinitis, De Quervain Syndrome, Shoulder Problems, ... Stress Fracture, Rotator Cuff Tear; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243366990; TITLE: 1920s, including: Bauhaus, Felix The Cat, 1920s In Film, Causes Of The Great Depression, March On Rome, Interwar Period, 1920s Berlin, Golden ... The United States In The 1920s, Bathtub Gin; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367032; TITLE: Continuous Mappings, including: Borsuk-ulam Theorem, Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem, Continuous Function, Intermediate Value Theorem, Stone-weierstrass ... Phenomenon, Homotopy, Absolute Continui; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367105; TITLE: Musical Groups Established In 1988, including: Traveling Wilburys, The Smashing Pumpkins, Blur (band), Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Barenaked ... Live (band), Better Than Ezra, Boyz Ii Men; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367121; TITLE: Vertebrate Parthenogenesis, including: Hammerhead Shark, Komodo Dragon, Mole Salamander, Wild Turkey, Yellow-spotted Tropical Night Lizard, ... Molly, Common Dwarf Skink, Heteronotia Binoei; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367164; TITLE: Sociocultural Evolution, including: Annales School, Civilization, Human Evolution, Francis Fukuyama, Historical Materialism, Industrial Revolution, ... Urbanization, Arnold J. Toynbee, Ibn Khaldun; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367202; TITLE: Tourism Regions Of New Jersey, including: Delaware Water Gap, Delaware Valley, Jersey Shore, Skylands Region, Shore Region, Gateway Region, Delaware River Region, Southern Shore Region; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367245; TITLE: Scientific Modeling, including: Knowledge Representation And Reasoning, Statistical Model, Miniature Effect, Artificial Life, Geocentric Model, ... View, Pontifex (project), Modeling Language; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367326; TITLE: 21st Century, including: 2000s (decade), 2010s, 2020s, 2030s, 2040s, 2050s, 2060s, 2070s, Information Age, 2080s, 2090s, Postmodernity, Pacific ... In Poetry, African Century, Age Of Oil; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367369; TITLE: Neuropsychologists, including: Roger Wolcott Sperry, Donald O. Hebb, Alexander Luria, Wilder Penfield, Karl Lashley, Brenda Milner, António Damásio, ... Kirk, Elkhonon Goldberg, Norman Geschwind; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367458; TITLE: Venomous Mammals, including: Platypus, Cuban Solenodon, Solenodon, European Mole, Slow Loris, Northern Short-tailed Shrew, Southern Short-tailed ... Loris, Pygmy Slow Loris, Bengal Slow Loris; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367474; TITLE: 2000s Economic History, including: Dot-com Bubble, Washington Mutual, Bear Stearns, Bric, United States Housing Bubble, Early 2000s Recession, 2000s ... Correction, Apec Peru 2008, A Green New Deal; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367571; TITLE: Venomous Spiders, including: Brown Recluse Spider, Latrodectus Mactans, Brazilian Wandering Spider, Australian Funnel-web Spider, Latrodectus, Recluse ... Latrodectus Tredecimguttatus, Steatoda; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336775X; TITLE: Organisms, including: Biomass (ecology), Digital Organism, Biota (taxonomy), List Of Long-living Organisms, Smallest Organisms, Copiotroph, Standing ... Largest Organisms, Higher And Lower Organisms; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367814; TITLE: Clarence Derwent Award Winners, including: Calista Flockhart, Judy Holliday, Jason Ritter, Gene Wilder, Joan Allen, John Mahoney, Dianne Wiest, Lisa ... Anne Meacham, Kristin Chenoweth, Tom Ewell; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367822; TITLE: Evolution By Phenotype, including: Altruism, Evolution Of Flagella, Altruism In Animals, Aposematism, Climatic Adaptation, Body Plan, Evolution Of The ... Complexity, Deep Homology, Evolution Of Hair; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243367873; TITLE: Measurement Of Biodiversity, including: Indicator Species, Entropy (ecology), Species Richness, Shannon Index, Simpson Index, Bioindicator, Diversity ... Evenness, Indicator Value, Beta Diversity; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368063; TITLE: Exonerated Terrorism Suspects, including: Maher Arar, Birmingham Six, Brandon Mayfield, Guildford Four And Maguire Seven, Steven Hatfill, Abdelghani ... Raissi, Cyrus Kar, Adnan Bukhari, Fazaldad; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368071; TITLE: Estimation Of Densities, including: Histogram, Density Estimation, Kernel Density Estimation, Mean Integrated Squared Error, Cluster-weighted ... Multivariate Kernel Density Estimation; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336808X; TITLE: Real Estate Valuation, including: Fair Value, Market Value, Real Estate Appraisal, Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors, Hedonic Regression, Sales ... Use,, The Appraisal Foundation; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368098; TITLE: Mira Variables, including: Mira, Mira Variable, R Leporis, R Doradus, Chi Cygni, R Hydrae, R Leonis, Mu-1 Cancri, Mira B, R Horologii, R Carinae, S ... R Aquilae, R Aquarii, T Aquarii, T Cephei; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336811X; TITLE: Mathematical Analysis, including: Asymptote, Complex Analysis, Cauchy Sequence, Convex Set, Derivative, Fourier Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Metric ... Theory, Stone-weierstrass Theorem, 3-sphere; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368136; TITLE: Saturn, including: Voyager Program, William Lassell, List Of Saturn-crossing Minor Planets, Rings Of Saturn, Cappello Romano, Magnetosphere Of Saturn, ... Storm (astronomy), Exploration Of Saturn; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368179; TITLE: Victims Of Psychiatric Repression, including: Alan Turing, John Forbes Nash, Jr., Rosemary Kennedy, Frances Farmer, Vladimir Bukovsky, Pyotr ... Alexander Esenin-volpin, Larisa Arap; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368209; TITLE: Irregular Variables, including: Antares, Aldebaran, Irregular Variable, Epsilon Pegasi, Beta Pegasi, Mu Geminorum, Lambda Velorum, Eta Sagittarii, 62 ... Psi Virginis, Omega Virginis, U Antliae; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368217; TITLE: Narrow Gauge Railways, including: Narrow Gauge Railway, Corcovado Rack Railway, Matadi-kinshasa Railway, Trench Railways, Narrow Gauge Railways In ... Mont Cenis Railway, Pinzgauer Lokalbahn; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368225; TITLE: Unexplained Disappearances, including: Bermuda Triangle, Flannan Isles, Flight 19, No. 42 Squadron Raf, Mv Joyita, Blutfahne, Bennington Triangle, ... Papers, The Michigan Triangle, Angikuni Lake; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368322; TITLE: Triple Star Systems, including: Alpha Centauri, Polaris, Rigel, Alpha Herculis, Alpha Crucis, Beta Centauri, Regulus, Upsilon Andromedae, 40 Eridani, ... Ursae Majoris, Lambda Scorpii, Ez Aquarii; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368365; TITLE: Stellar Astronomy, including: Star, Stellar Evolution, Star Catalogue, Star Designation, Stellar Classification, Variable Star Designation, ... Light Curve, Diurnal Motion, Stellar Wind; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336842X; TITLE: Millennium Prize Problems, including: P Versus Np Problem, Poincaré Conjecture, Hodge Conjecture, Birch And Swinnerton-dyer Conjecture, Yang-mills ... Existence And Smoothness, Riemann Hypothesis; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368446; TITLE: Lactarius, including: Lactarius Deterrimus, Lactarius Deliciosus, Lactarius Controversus, Lactarius Vellereus, Lactarius Turpis, Lactarius Torminosus, ... Lactarius Scrobiculatus, Lactarius Rufus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368500; TITLE: Geostatistics, including: Semivariance, Kriging, Cluster Analysis, Inverse Distance Weighting, Variogram, Markov Chain Geostatistics, Spatial ... Georges Matheron, Multiple-indicator Kriging; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336856X; TITLE: Cantharellales, including: Chanterelle, Cantharellaceae, Cantharellus, Craterellus, Craterellus Cornucopioides, Hydnum Repandum, Rhizoctonia Solani, ... Noxium, Ramaria Formosa, Hydnum, Hydnaceae; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368578; TITLE: Skyscrapers Over 350 Meters, including: Bank Of China Tower, Hong Kong, Central Plaza, Hong Kong, Empire State Building, Willis Tower, Petronas ... Oriental Pearl Tower, Milad Tower, 23 Marina; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368586; TITLE: Big Bang, including: Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, Baryogenesis, Reionization, Inflationary Epoch, Planck Epoch, Lepton Epoch, Hadron Epoch, Electroweak ... Epoch, Quark Epoch, Timeline Of The Big Bang; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368616; TITLE: Neuroscience, including: Neurotransmitter, Nervous System, Psychology, Sleep, Chronobiology, Eating Disorder, Blindsight, Micropsia, Macropsia, ... Dendritic Spine, Synaptic Plasticity, Disc1; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368659; TITLE: Planetary Geology, including: Regolith, Vallis, Macula (planetary Geology), Linea, List Of Geological Features Of The Solar System, Fossa (geology), ... Crater Chain, Geology Of Mercury; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336873X; TITLE: Prevention, including: Quarantine, Safe Sex, Vaccination, Security, Herd Immunity, Sunglasses, Paleolithic Diet, Sunscreen, Needle-exchange Programme, ... Fitness, Health Effects Of Tea, Pandemrix; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368764; TITLE: Homological Algebra, including: Abelian Category, Snake Lemma, Short Five Lemma, Five Lemma, Exact Sequence, Splitting Lemma, Chain Complex, ... Projective Representation, Étale Cohomology; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368810; TITLE: Communication Theory, including: Loaded Language, Symbolic Communication, Cultivation Theory, Uses And Gratifications Theory, Equity Theory, Secondary ... Theory, Expectancy Violations Theory; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368853; TITLE: Positive Psychology, including: Love, Spirituality, Wisdom, Courage, Prudence, Hope, Emotional Intelligence, Integrity, Leadership, Creativity, ... Optimism, Flow (psychology), Martin Seligman; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368861; TITLE: Pylons, including: Overhead Lines, Elbe Crossing 2, Electricity Pylon, Pylons Of Messina, Pylons Of Cádiz, Anchor Pylon, Long-distance Anchor Pylon, ... Pylon, Lattice Steel Pylon, Steel Tube Pylon; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124336890X; TITLE: Arctic, including: Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon, Subarctic, Bø Loran-c Transmitter, Cambridge Bay Loran Tower, Territorial Claims In The Arctic, Khzk, ... Desgagnes, Arctic Cooperation And Politics; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368942; TITLE: Bed And Breakfasts, including: Dartington Hall, Bed And Breakfast, Spinney Abbey, Corrour Railway Station, Bantry House, Beachborough Manor, Petworth ... Château De Failloux, Kilbrogan House; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243368985; TITLE: Political Controversies, including: Iran Hostage Crisis, Trent Affair, Corngate, Codex Alimentarius, Arguments For And Against Drug Prohibition, ... 10 Agorot Controversy, Overpopulation; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243369000; TITLE: Rocketry, including: Rocket, Hybrid Rocket, Rocket Sled, Rocket Launch, American Rocket Society, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, National Missile Defense, ... Launch, Continuous-rod Warhead, Dual-thrust; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243369019; TITLE: Weathering, including: Acid Rain, Hydrolysis, Patina, Haloclasty, Laterite, Frost Weathering, Saprolite; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243369086; TITLE: Electronic Feedback, including: Feedback, Bode Plot, Nyquist Plot, Negative Feedback Amplifier, Negative Feedback, Positive Feedback, Asymptotic Gain ... Criterion, Phase Margin, Self-tuning; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243369140; TITLE: Responsibility To Protect, including: Rwandan Genocide, War In Darfur, Mogadishu Line, Anthropology Of The Rwandan Genocide; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243369167; TITLE: Personality Typologies, including: Socionics, Myers-briggs Type Indicator, Holland Codes, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, David Keirsey, Type A And Type B ... Factors, Personality Type, Interaction Styles; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243369175; TITLE: Category-theoretic Categories, including: Monoid, Category Of Sets, Category Of Vector Spaces, Functor Category, Category Of Topological Spaces, ... Magmas, Category Of Metric Spaces, Finset; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243369221; TITLE: Leisure Activities, including: Origami, Kart Racing, Crossword, Video Arcade, Airsoft, Birdwatching, Sand Art And Play, Laser Tag, Snowball Fight, ... Goofing Off, Nine-pin Bowling, Golf Fitness; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243369604; TITLE: Morality, including: Altruism, Crime, Guilt, Moral Equivalence, Morality Play, Torture, Moral Relativism, Moral Absolutism, Mores, Vice, Moral Panic, ... Moderation, Sloth (deadly Sin), Laziness; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 124336971X; TITLE: Software Quality, including: Kludge, Software Crisis, Second-system Effect, Workaround, Life-critical System, Software Brittleness Problem, ... Feature Interaction Problem, Backporting; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243369868; TITLE: Positive Mental Attitude, including: Quality Of Life, Hope, Self-esteem, Epiphany (feeling), Happiness, Dignity, Autosuggestion, Ecstasy (emotion), ... Togetherness, Artistic Inspiration, Calmness; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243369922; TITLE: Consequentialism, including: Ethical Egoism, Utilitarianism, Welfarism, Consequentialist Justifications Of The State, Altruism (ethics), ... Objection, Bite The Bullet, Prioritarianism; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243369973; TITLE: Invasive Animal Species, including: Cane Toad, Cat, African Clawed Frog, Termite, Black Rat, Carp, Red-eared Slider, Monk Parakeet, Stoat, Tilapia, ... Ant, Common Brushtail Possum, Feral Pigeon; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243369981; TITLE: Flagellates, including: Percolozoa, Haptophyte, Dinoflagellate, Cryptomonad, Euglenid, Kinetoplastid, Dictyochales, Synurid, Choanoflagellate, Golden ... Marinus, Cercomonadida, Retortamonad; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243370246; TITLE: Collecting, including: Mineralogy, Patch Collecting, Numismatics, Antler, Cigarette Card, Collectable, Match, Seashell, Pez, Teapot, Trading Card, ... Hoarding, Shot Glass, Historic Value, Ashtray; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370262; TITLE: Peculiar Galaxies, including: Small Magellanic Cloud, Ngc 6240, Messier 87, Centaurus A, Whirlpool Galaxy, Ngc 3628, Messier 110, Ngc 5195, Antennae ... 1705, Draco Dwarf, Pisces Dwarf, Eso 510-g13; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370300; TITLE: Deduction Board Games, including: Cluedo, Scotland Yard (board Game), Mastermind (board Game), Black Box (game), 221b Baker Street (board Game), The ... Game, Coda (board Game), The Simpsons Clue; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243370386; TITLE: Early Rocketry, including: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Hermann Oberth, Congreve Rocket, Nikolai Kibalchich, Robert H. Goddard, Sir William Congreve, 2nd ... William Hale (british Inventor), Huolongjing; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370408; TITLE: Metaphysical Theories, including: Anti-realism, Bundle Theory, Existentialism, Idealism, Monism, Materialism, Nominalism, Nihilism, Objectivism (ayn ... Substance Theory, Determinism, Essentialism; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370432; TITLE: Sideshow Attractions, including: Cardiff Giant, Fire Breathing, Fiji Mermaid, Chapeaugraphy, Fire Eating, Flea Circus, Bearded Lady, Minnesota Iceman, ... Blockhead, Armless Wonder, Elmer Mccurdy; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370440; TITLE: Projective Tests, including: Rorschach Test, Thematic Apperception Test, Projective Test, Holtzman Inkblot Test, Kinetic Family Drawing, Picture ... The Duess Test, Sentence Completion Tests; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370459; TITLE: Unsolved Crimes, including: D. B. Cooper, Shergar, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Corrida (horse), 1995 Palo Verde, Arizona Derailment, Kidnapping ... Original Night Stalker, Renee Macrae; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370475; TITLE: Saloonkeepers, including: Roy Bean, Wyatt Earp, James Ritty, John Flammang Schrank, Toots Shor, Ada "bricktop" Smith, Oscar Neebe, Christopher ... William Riley (criminal), Tony Tarracino; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370548; TITLE: Infectious Diseases, including: List Of Infectious Diseases, Infectious Disease, Prion, Quarantine, Urethritis, Urinary Tract Infection, Vaccine, ... Encephalitis, Pneumonia, Dysentery, Rotavirus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370629; TITLE: Fellowships, including: Harkness Fellowship, Alicia Patterson Foundation, Fulbright Award, Nieman Fellowship, National Heritage Fellowship, Macarthur ... For Medical Research, Fletcher Foundation; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370637; TITLE: Dueling, including: Code Duello, Duel, European Dueling Sword, Jousting, Trial By Combat, List Of Duels, Tournament (medieval), Holmgang, Les Mignons, ... Bladensburg Dueling Grounds, The Last Duel; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337067X; TITLE: Fractals, including: Brownian Motion, Cantor Set, Fractal, Hausdorff Dimension, Mandelbrot Set, Self-similarity, Sierpinski Carpet, Sierpinski ... Set, Fractal Antenna, Fractal Compression; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370718; TITLE: Biophysics, including: Transcription Factor, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Bioelectromagnetism, Optical Tweezers, Fluorescence Recovery After ... (biophysics), Stochastic Resonance; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370769; TITLE: Prejudice And Discrimination, including: H. G. Wells, Hate Speech, Affirmative Action, Afrocentrism, Black Nationalism, Race Baiting, Wetback (slur), ... Citizen, Social Contract (malaysia); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370777; TITLE: Mysteries, including: Bigfoot, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Loch Ness Monster, Phantom Kangaroo, Unidentified Flying Object, Aurora (aircraft), Hope ... (acr-1), Transient Lunar Phenomenon, Bloop; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370785; TITLE: Unclassified Stars, including: Star Of Bethlehem, Ogle-tr-122, Ogle-tr-111, Gamma Eridani, Royal Stars, Psi Sagittarii, 7 Andromedae, 3 Andromedae, 65 ... 64 Andromedae, 49 Andromedae, 32 Andromedae; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370793; TITLE: Software Review, including: Pair Programming, Software Inspection, Code Review, Static Testing, Jtest, Code Reviewing Software, Automated Code Review, ... Walkthrough, Software Technical Review, Itko; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337084X; TITLE: Mercury, including: Mercury (planet), Transit Of Mercury, List Of Mercury-crossing Minor Planets, Tests Of General Relativity, Geology Of Mercury, ... Mercury, Skinakas (hypothetical Basin), Budha; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370890; TITLE: Medical Scandals, including: Chicago Tylenol Murders, Mary Toft, Health Management Associates (arkansas Company), Alder Hey Organs Scandal, Jim ... Elixir Sulfanilamide, Toxic Cough Syrup; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370904; TITLE: Health Research, including: Public Health Observatory, National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health, 10/90 Gap, Telethon Institute For Child ... Longitudinal Study Of Adolescent Health; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370912; TITLE: Mime, including: Pierrot, Mummers Play, Physical Theatre, Homerism, Mime Artist, Mime The Gap, Corporeal Mime, Dumbshow, Ingemar Lindh, American Mime Theatre, The Bakers Dozen; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243370955; TITLE: Tourism, including: Tourist Attraction, List Of Heritage Railways, Hippie Trail, Camping, Suitcase, Honeypot (geography), Souvenir, Tour Operator, ... Crafts, Camping Coach, Tourism Technology; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337098X; TITLE: Physical Geography, including: Hydrology, Oasis, Quaternary, Oceanography, Paleoclimatology, Eutrophication, Altitude, Pedology (soil Study), ... Portage, Climatology, Limnology, Lithosphere; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371005; TITLE: Functional Analysis, including: Associativity, Convolution, Dual Space, Hahn-banach Theorem, Riesz Representation Theorem, Bounded Set, Monotonic ... Linear Subspace, Density Matrix, F-space; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371021; TITLE: Quality Control Tools, including: Histogram, Ishikawa Diagram, Scatter Plot, Control Chart, Flowchart, Western Electric Rules, Nelson Rules, Xbar And ... Run Chart, Line Chart, Living Graph; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371099; TITLE: Product Certification, including: Nondestructive Testing, Clerk Of The Works, Energy Star, Organic Certification, Fairtrade Certification, Organic ... Sgs S.a., Nemko, Tco Certification, Kema; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371137; TITLE: Animals Described In 1777, including: Bobcat, Jungle Cat, Spotted Hyena, Harp Seal, Purple-faced Langur, Snow Petrel, Giant Swallowtail, Broad-billed ... Porcellana Platycheles, Palaemon Serratus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371161; TITLE: Personality Disorders, including: Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Antisocial ... (psychology), Dependent Personality Disorder; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337117X; TITLE: Examples Of Misuse Of Statistics, including: Washington Gubernatorial Election, 2004, Bicycle Helmet, Mass Drug Administration; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371234; TITLE: Sheaf Theory, including: Grothendieck Topology, Sheaf (mathematics), Ringed Space, Locally Constant Function, Germ (mathematics), Invertible Sheaf, ... Spanned By Global Sections, Hyperfunction; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371250; TITLE: Orogeny, including: Laramide Orogeny, Alpine Orogeny, Mountain Formation, Alleghenian Orogeny, Acadian Orogeny, Antler Orogeny, Taconic Orogeny, ... Orogeny, Grenville Orogeny, Sevier Orogeny; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371269; TITLE: Social Responsibility, including: Corporate Social Responsibility, Disinvestment, Sullivan Principles, Socially Responsible Investing, Natural Capital ... Research, Creating Shared Value, Clann Credo; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371277; TITLE: Nonassociative Algebra, including: Power Associativity, Quasigroup, Latin Square, Magma (algebra), Jacobi Identity, Cancellation Property, Medial, ... Quaternion, Vertex Operator Algebra, Lie Ring; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371331; TITLE: Guyed Masts, including: List Of Tallest Structures In The World, Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt, Kvly-tv Mast, Warsaw Radio Mast, Kxjb-tv ... Tv6 Tower, Aflac Tower, Hearst-argyle Tower; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337134X; TITLE: Reasoning, including: Knowledge Representation And Reasoning, Abductive Reasoning, Deductive Reasoning, Case-based Reasoning, Reasonable Person, ... Backward Chaining, Logical Reasoning; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371374; TITLE: 2000s Missing Person Cases, including: Peter Falconio, Margie Profet, Natalee Holloway, Disappearance Of Madeleine Mccann, Abduction Of Rahma ... Symes, Disappearance Of Amy Fitzpatrick; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371455; TITLE: Vertical Transportation Devices, including: Space Elevator, Tether Propulsion, Funicular, Aerial Tramway, Rack Railway, Ladder, Cable Car, Gmd ... Ski Lift, Central-mid-levels Escalators, Gyn; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371471; TITLE: Prevention, including: Quarantine, Safe Sex, Vaccination, Security, Herd Immunity, Sunglasses, Paleolithic Diet, Sunscreen, Needle-exchange Programme, ... Fitness, Health Effects Of Tea, Pandemrix; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337151X; TITLE: Entertainment, including: Comic Book, List Of Basic Entertainment Topics, Music, Manga, Tourism, Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon, Striptease, List Of ... Entertainment Law, Edutainment, Escapism; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371528; TITLE: Dance Moves, including: Dance Move, Allemande, Chicken Dance, Glossary Of Ballet, Suzie Q (dance Move), Chicken Walks, Dip (dance Move), Mashed ... Minuet Step, Vogue (dance), Triple Step; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371641; TITLE: Homogeneous Polynomials, including: Determinant, Monomial, Elementary Symmetric Polynomial, Homogeneous Polynomial, Diagonal Form, Schur Polynomial, ... Polynomial, Power Sum Symmetric Polynomial; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337165X; TITLE: Algebraic Structures, including: Boolean Algebra (structure), Field (mathematics), Group (mathematics), Monoid, Ideal (ring Theory), Semigroup, Ring ... Algebra, Module (mathematics), Semiring; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243371668; TITLE: Pseudonyms, including: Pseudonym, Pen Name, Stage Name, Pseudonymity, Bardic Name, Luke Rhinehart, Secret Identity, List Of Pseudonyms, Wanda Tinasky, ... Academy Award Nominees, Nanker Phelge, Hasrat; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337179X; TITLE: Ethical Theories, including: Collectivism, Consequentialism, Confucianism, Ethical Naturalism, Ethical Non-naturalism, Egalitarianism, Hedonism, ... Natural Law, Normative Ethics, Teaism; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337201X; TITLE: Keirsey Temperament Sorter, including: Rational Temperament, David Keirsey, Artisan Temperament, Architect (role Variant), Mastermind (role Variant), ... (role Variant), Champion (role Variant); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372036; TITLE: Cooperative Games, including: Shapley Value, Bargaining, Cooperative Game, Stable Marriage Problem, Nash Bargaining Game, Core (economics), Airport ... Power Index, Bondareva-shapley Theorem; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372095; TITLE: Psychological Schools, including: Gestalt Psychology, Positive Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Graz School, Berlin School ... Therapy, Ecological Psychology, Neo-freudian; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372206; TITLE: Cinderella Stamps, including: International Reply Coupon, Trading Stamp, Christmas Seal, Airmail Etiquette, Cinderella Stamp, Local Post, Newspaper ... Stamps, Easter Seals, Cinderella Stamp Club; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372214; TITLE: Nicknames, including: Nickname, Statues In Dublin, Aviator Call Sign, List Of Nicknames Of United States Presidents, List Of U.s. State Nicknames, ... And Personalities In Quebec, Gamecock, Nobby; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372265; TITLE: Lexicology, including: Dialect, Lexicography, Word Usage, Neologism, Archaism, Denotation, Eggcorn, Phraseology, Pseudoword, Semantic Change, ... Dialect Dictionary, Stunt Word, Cacography; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372273; TITLE: Researchers, including: Researcher, Ed Seykota, Ronald K. Hoeflin, Chris Kutschera, Kajetan Georg Von Kaiser, Frank Bass, Midori Suzuki, Clemencia ... J. Gorlin, Amy B. Jordan (media Investigator); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372346; TITLE: Exonerated Terrorism Suspects, including: Maher Arar, Birmingham Six, Brandon Mayfield, Guildford Four And Maguire Seven, Steven Hatfill, Abdelghani ... Raissi, Cyrus Kar, Adnan Bukhari, Fazaldad; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372370; TITLE: Experiments, including: Natural Experiment, Animal Testing, Checking Whether A Coin Is Fair, Scientific Control, Generality (psychology), Lost In The ... Variable, Locad, Cranfield Experiments; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372443; TITLE: Endangered Languages, including: Michif Language, Endangered Language, Lists Of Endangered Languages, Omagua Dialect, Lezgian Language, Washo ... Tuscarora Language, Juu Languages, Sureth; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372478; TITLE: International Relations Theory, including: Colonialism, Isolationism, Irredentism, Zero-sum, The Clash Of Civilizations, Neorealism In International ... Brinkmanship, Democratic Peace Theory; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372494; TITLE: Fault Tolerance, including: Fail-safe, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Uptime, Hot Swapping, Application Checkpointing, Self-stabilization, Failover, ... Fault Tolerance, Double Switching, Spacewire; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372516; TITLE: Delta Scuti Variables, including: Altair, Vega, Sigma Octantis, Denebola, Beta Cassiopeiae, Gamma Ursae Minoris, Delta Capricorni, Delta Serpentis, ... (star), Theta Tauri, Upsilon Tauri, Hd 8801; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372524; TITLE: Laureates Of The Prince Claus Award, including: Quino, Jonathan Shapiro, Frankétienne, Carlinhos Brown, Mahmoud Darwish, Aminata Traoré, Prince Claus ... G. N. Devy, Chéri Samba, Niède Guidon; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372540; TITLE: Naming Controversies, including: Daoism-taoism Romanization Issue, Hacker (computing), Element Naming Controversy, Names Given To The Spanish ... Civil War, Doctor Who Story Title Debate; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372583; TITLE: Skyscrapers Between 50 And 99 Meters, including: Portland Building, Commonwealth Building (portland, Oregon), 1000 Broadway (portland, Oregon), ... And Allen-bradley Clock Tower, The Ardea; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372591; TITLE: Examples Of Misuse Of Statistics, including: Washington Gubernatorial Election, 2004, Bicycle Helmet, Mass Drug Administration; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372613; TITLE: Geometric Shapes, including: Circle, Ellipsoid, Hyperboloid, Paraboloid, Shape, List Of Geometric Shapes, Helix, Annulus (mathematics), Trilon, Vesica ... Ruled Surface, Octant, Cone (geometry); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372680; TITLE: Financial Scandals, including: Ron Carey (labor Leader), Eurostat Scandal, Norbourg Scandal, Iraq War Misappropriations, Rbg Resources, Hasan Ali ... Iris Robinson Scandal, Bettencourt Affair; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372699; TITLE: Skyscraper Hotels, including: Ryugyong Hotel, Burj Al Arab, The Peninsula Hong Kong, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Gran Hotel Bali, Trump ... The Stamford, Meritus Mandarin Singapore; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337277X; TITLE: Model Organisms, including: Zebrafish, Lambda Phage, Model Organism, Mycoplasma Genitalium, Rice, Arabidopsis Thaliana, African Clawed Frog, Brown ... Sea Urchin, Tetrahymena, Tobacco Mosaic Virus; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372788; TITLE: Competitive Dance, including: East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Swing (dance), International Dancesport Federation, Dancesport, World Dance Council, ... World Latin Dance Champions, Discofox; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372796; TITLE: Fyodor Dostoyevsky, including: The Grand Inquisitor, Crime And Punishment (manga), Dostoevsky Museum, Dostoyevskaya (moscow Metro), Mikhail ... Andrey Dostoyevsky, Polina Suslova; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372869; TITLE: History Of Biology, including: Pangenesis, Physiologus, Collecting, History Of Anatomy, List Of Biologists, Cell Theory, Historia Plantarum, Natural ... The Growth Of Biological Thought, Germ Plasm; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372931; TITLE: Single Equation Methods (econometrics), including: Least Squares, Probit, Tobit Model, Discrete Choice, Truncated Regression Model, Censored Regression Model; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337294X; TITLE: Central Securities Depositories, including: Six Swiss Exchange, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, Crest, Clearstream, Hong Kong Exchanges And ... Eastern Caribbean Central Securities Registry; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243372966; TITLE: Topological Groups, including: Profinite Group, Haar Measure, Topological Group, Restricted Product, Peter-weyl Theorem, Properly Discontinuous ... Pontryagin Duality, Almost Periodic Function; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243373059; TITLE: Personal Selling, including: Amway, Negotiation, Shill, Avon Products, Marketing Collateral, Sales Force Management System, Tupperware, Product ... Plan, Fuller Brush Company, Sales Process; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243373067; TITLE: Culture Of The Arctic, including: Arctic Technology Centre, Nordicity, Arctic Winter Games, Royal And Ancient Polar Bear Society, Arctic Winter Games ... (book), Arctic Circle Raceway, Arctic Race; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243373105; TITLE: History Of Money, including: History Of The United States Dollar, History Of The Rupee, History Of The Euro; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243373113; TITLE: Materialism, including: Dialectical Materialism, French Materialism, Historical Materialism, Physicalism, Eliminative Materialism, Emergent ... Neural Correlate, Praksis, Marxism; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243373172; TITLE: Marketing Strategies And Paradigms, including: Business Model, Horizontal Integration, Vertical Integration, Product Bundling, Mass Customization, ... Strategies, Experience Curve Effects, Astore; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243373202; TITLE: Tectonics, including: Breccia, Tectonophysics, Earthquake Swarm, Ridge-push, Morphotectonics, Foreland Basin, Vaalbara, Extensional Tectonics, Thrust ... Tectonics, Inversion (geology), Neotectonics; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243373253; TITLE: Unsolved Problems In Physics, including: Dark Matter, Superconductivity, Accretion Disc, Magnetic Monopole, Greisen-zatsepin-kuzmin Limit, List Of ... Baryogenesis, Unified Field Theory, Glueball; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243373261; TITLE: Educational Assessment And Evaluation, including: Psychometrics, Nfernelson, Standardized Test, Grade (education), Graduate Record Examination, ... College And University Rankings, Stanine; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337327X; TITLE: Inedible Fungi, including: Piptoporus Betulinus, Russula Nobilis, Trametes Versicolor, Amanita Citrina, Psathyrella, Lactarius Controversus, Lactarius ... Cokeri, Leucocoprinus Birnbaumii, Calostoma; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243373776; TITLE: Postage Stamps, including: Postage Stamp, List Of Entities That Have Issued Postage Stamps (a-e), Penny Black, Treskilling Yellow, Airmail Stamp, ... British Guiana 1c Magenta, Two Penny Blue; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243373857; TITLE: Alternatives To Conventional Railways, including: Monorail, Pneumatic Tube, Funicular, Automated Guideway Transit, Atmospheric Railway, Elevated ... Bennie Railplane, Aérotrain, Gravity Train; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243373962; TITLE: Earth, including: Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, Precession, World, Effective Earth Radius, Van Allen Radiation Belt, South Atlantic Anomaly, Apsis, Earth ... Of Artificial Radiation Belts, Earth Religion; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243374292; TITLE: Inclined Towers, including: Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Caerphilly Castle, Olympic Stadium (montreal), Oldehove (tower), List Of Leaning Towers, Inclined ... Tower, Söyembikä Tower, Torre Delle Milizie; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243374721; TITLE: Antennas, including: Antenna Blind Cone, Antenna Effective Area, Antenna Height Above Average Terrain, Aperture-to-medium Coupling Loss, Beam ... Plane, Main Lobe, Slant Range, Beam Tilt; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243375256; TITLE: Neuroanatomy, including: Axon, Brain, Entorhinal Cortex, White Matter, Grey Matter, Cerebellum, Hypothalamus, Cerebral Cortex, Neuropil, Thalamus, ... Medulla Oblongata, Pons, Pleasure Center; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375264; TITLE: Specific Models, including: Stimulus-response Model, Biopsychosocial Model, Econmult, Econsimp, Similitude (model), Animal Model, Hard Spheres, ... The Quality Of Modelling Languages; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375280; TITLE: Machines, including: Loom, Machine, Duplicating Machines, Machine Tool, Stewart Platform, Paper Machine, Anaesthetic Machine, Autopen, Snowplow, South ... Tunnel Washer, Anvil Press, Weight Machine; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375361; TITLE: Railway Societies, including: Canterbury Railway Society, Didcot Railway Centre, Cambrian Railway Society, Australian Railway Historical Society, ... Scottish Railway Preservation Society; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
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ISBN: 1243375426; TITLE: Hot Jupiters, including: Hd 209458 B, Tres-1b, Hot Jupiter, Ogle-tr-10b, Tau Boötis B, Hd 149026 B, Hd 102195 B, Ogle-tr-56b, Hd 217107 B, Xo-1b, ... Corot-1b, Hat-p-2b, Tres-3b, Sweeps-10, Xo-3b; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375450; TITLE: Dry Areas Below Sea Level, including: Dead Sea, Lake Eyre, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Qattara Depression, Death Valley, New Orleans, Sea Of Galilee, ... Salton Sea, Canvey Island, Lake Eyre Basin; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375469; TITLE: Teliomycotina, including: Gymnosporangium, Cronartiaceae, Cronartium, Cronartium Ribicola, Hemileia Vastatrix, Urediniomycetes, Rhodotorula, ... Peckianus, Gymnoconia Nitens, Puccinia; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375485; TITLE: Aggression, including: Victimology, Killology, Psychological Warfare, Self-harm, Scapegoating, Conflict, Snarl, Oncale V. Sundowner Offshore Services, ... Hockey, Destructiveness (phrenology), Tantrum; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337554X; TITLE: Valuation, including: Value Of Life, Expertization, Quantitative Analyst, Fair Value, Stock Valuation, Financial Analysis, Real Estate Appraisal, ... Chart, Magic Formula Investing, Ev/ebitda; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375639; TITLE: Jupiter, including: Comet Shoemaker-levy 9, Voyager Program, Hilda Family, List Of Jupiter-crossing Minor Planets, Rings Of Jupiter, Magnetosphere Of ... Of Jupiter, 2009 Jupiter Impact Event; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375655; TITLE: History Of Theatre, including: Kabuki, Musical Theatre, Classical Unities, English Renaissance Theatre, Thespis, Tragedy, Salmacida Spolia, ... Breeches Role, Izumo No Okuni, En Travesti; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375671; TITLE: Sales Promotion, including: Specialty Catalogs, Discounts And Allowances, Wiki Wiki Dollar, Coupon, Happy Hour, Money Back Guarantee, Rebate ... Get One Free, Magalog, Student Price Card; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337568X; TITLE: Chaos Theory, including: Butterfly Effect, Chaos, Emergence, Bifurcation Diagram, Turbulence, Fractal Dimension, Quantum Chaos, Edge Of Chaos, ... Oscillon, Correlation Dimension, Complexor; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375752; TITLE: Stellar Phenomena, including: Nova, Sunspot, Supernova, Solar Wind, White Dwarf, Brown Dwarf, Galactic Cosmic Ray, Cosmic Ray, Gamma-ray Burst, Solar ... Star, Starspot, X-ray Burster, Solar Cycle; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337585X; TITLE: Academic Awards, including: Nobel Prize, Prince Of Asturias Awards, Bursary, University Medal, Andrew Heiskell Award, Rowman & Littlefield Award In ... Social Science Research, Max Crawford Medal; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375884; TITLE: Normative Ethics, including: Consequentialism, Ethical Egoism, Virtue Ethics, Deontological Ethics, Contractualism, Moderate Objectivism, Ethics Of Care, Doctrine Of Mental Reservation, Post-egoism; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375957; TITLE: Super-earths, including: Ogle-2005-blg-390lb, 55 Cancri E, Gliese 876 D, Mu Arae C, Hd 69830 B, Gliese 581 C, Gliese 581 D, Super-earth, ... 40307 C, Hd 40307 D, Hd 181433 B, Hd 7924 B; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375965; TITLE: Pregnancy And Birth, including: Dilation And Curettage, Birth, Virgin Birth Of Jesus, Pre-birth Communication, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies, ... Therapy For Neonatal Encephalopathy; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243375981; TITLE: Basidiomycota, including: Puffball, Hymenomycete, Rust (fungus), Bracket Fungus, Soybean Rust, Smut (fungus), Orchid Mycorrhiza, Ustilaginomycotina, ... Sphacelotheca Reiliana, Laeticorticium Roseum; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337599X; TITLE: Software Review, including: Pair Programming, Software Inspection, Code Review, Static Testing, Jtest, Code Reviewing Software, Automated Code Review, ... Walkthrough, Software Technical Review, Itko; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376066; TITLE: Software Metrics, including: Code Coverage, Software Metric, Source Lines Of Code, Cyclomatic Complexity, Ripple Effect, Hackystat, Software Package ... Code, Function Point, Efferent Coupling; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376198; TITLE: Agaricomycetes, including: Geastrales, Russulales, Cantharellales, Homobasidiomycetidae, Polyporales, Agaricales, Boletales, Polypore, Cloud Ear ... Trametes Versicolor, Thelephorales, Gomphales; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376244; TITLE: Environmental Microbiology, including: Extremophile, Endosymbiont, Biofilm, Martinus Beijerinck, Chemosynthesis, Denitrification, Methanogen, ... Microbial Ecology, Anammox, Metagenomics; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376333; TITLE: Concepts In Epistemology, including: Empirical Research, Omphalos Hypothesis, Perception, Truth, Regress Argument, Problem Of Other Minds, Causality, ... Fact, Rationality, Belief, Infallibility; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376406; TITLE: Rationalism, including: Rationality, Fellowship Of Reason, German Idealism, Critical Rationalism, Basava Premanand, Innatism, Pancritical Rationalism, ... Society Of Australia, Panrationalism; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376422; TITLE: Twin Towers, including: Petronas Towers, Time Warner Center, Emirates Office Tower, Esplanade Laurier, Royal Bank Plaza, Exchange Square (hong Kong), ... Tower, Koryo Hotel, Twin Tower, Marina City; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376473; TITLE: Double Stars, including: Double Star, Alpha Herculis, Winnecke 4, Winnecke Catalogue Of Double Stars, Alpha Ursae Majoris, Hd 121504, Beta Eridani, ... Double Star Catalog, Rho Sagittarii, H 4949; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376511; TITLE: Rocket Launch Sites, including: Kennedy Space Center, Peenemünde, Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Cuxhaven, Black Rock Desert, White Sands Missile Range, ... Fort Churchill (rocket Launch Site), Esrange; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376554; TITLE: Mars, including: Martian, Dust Devil, Martian Meteorite, Allan Hills 84001, Darian Calendar, Geography Of Mars, Life On Mars, Martian Canal, Mangala, ... Transit Of Mercury From Mars, 142 Polana; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376619; TITLE: Virgo Supercluster, including: Local Group, Ic 342/maffei Group, M81 Group, Sculptor Group, Great Attractor, Virgo Cluster, M101 Group, Ursa Major ... Canes Ii Group, Ngc 5866 Group, Ngc 3626; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376643; TITLE: British Philatelists, including: George V Of The United Kingdom, Alfred, Duke Of Saxe-coburg And Gotha, John Edward Gray, Edward Stanley Gibbons, ... Macdonald Beaumont, Daniel Cooper, Ted Proud; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376694; TITLE: Fungal Morphology And Anatomy, including: Mycelium, Spore, Hypha, Secotioid, Hymenophore, Sporangium, Basidium, Ascocarp, Ascus, Spore Print, Thallus, ... Universal Veil, Bolete, Basidiocarp; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376708; TITLE: Von Neumann Algebras, including: Von Neumann Algebra, Von Neumann Bicommutant Theorem, Hyperfinite Type Ii Factor, Direct Integral, Abelian Von ... Product, Subfactor, Temperley-lieb Algebra; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376716; TITLE: Mind, including: Personal Experience, Primacy Of Mind, Vihangamyoga, Intelligibility (philosophy), Pure Thought, Qualia, Bête Machine, Phonemic ... Hunn (upasaka Wen Shu), Mental Operations; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376732; TITLE: Skyscrapers Between 300 And 349 Meters, including: Chrysler Building, The Center, John Hancock Center, Aon Center (chicago), Sky Tower, Jpmorgan Chase ... U.s. Bank Tower (los Angeles), Ryugyong Hotel; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376775; TITLE: Unclassified Languages, including: Dacian Language, Thracian Language, Raetic Language, Scythian Languages, Unclassified Language, List Of ... Paeonian Language, Tartessian Language; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376805; TITLE: Types Of Tourism, including: Agritourism, Space Tourism, Sex Tourism, Safari, Bicycle Touring, Romance Tours, Child Sex Tourism, Grand Tour, Whale ... Medical Tourism, Day-tripper, Drug Tourism; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376813; TITLE: Mathematical Analysis, including: Asymptote, Complex Analysis, Cauchy Sequence, Convex Set, Derivative, Fourier Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Metric ... Theory, Stone-weierstrass Theorem, 3-sphere; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376872; TITLE: Vannevar Bush Award Recipients, including: Glenn T. Seaborg, Norman Hackerman, Frederick Seitz, Linus Pauling, Shirley Jackson (physicist), Hans ... Norman Borlaug, Raj Reddy, Herbert York; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243376902; TITLE: Environment And Society, including: Miss Earth, Environmental Sociology, Anthropogenic, Envirothon, Green Drinks, Green Map, Science, Technology, ... And The Environment Through History, .eco; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377038; TITLE: Harmonic Analysis, including: Spherical Harmonics, Unitary Representation, Peter-weyl Theorem, Group Ring, Pontryagin Duality, Group Algebra, Kakeya ... Set Of Uniqueness, Riemann-lebesgue Lemm; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377178; TITLE: Alpha2 Canum Venaticorum Variables, including: Epsilon Ursae Majoris, Gy Andromedae, Gamma Arietis, Cor Caroli, Gamma Capricorni, Chi Serpentis, Sigma ... Theta Aurigae, 63 Andromedae, Hd 153201; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377232; TITLE: Virgo Supercluster, including: Local Group, Ic 342/maffei Group, M81 Group, Sculptor Group, Great Attractor, Virgo Cluster, M101 Group, Ursa Major ... Canes Ii Group, Ngc 5866 Group, Ngc 3626; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377283; TITLE: Accounting Scholarship, including: Bachelor Of Accountancy, Positive Accounting, Master Of Accountancy, Accounting Ethics, Byu School Of Accountancy, ... Association Of Enrolled Agents (naea); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377399; TITLE: Philosophy Of Time, including: Eternalism (philosophy Of Time), Future, Philosophy Of Space And Time, Past, Eternal Return, Present, The Unreality Of ... Time, Presentism (philosophy Of Time); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377402; TITLE: Economic Data, including: Cost-of-living Index, Universe (economics), British Household Panel Survey, Government Operations, Hedonic Regression, Monee ... Capital Outflow, German Socio-economic Panel; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377569; TITLE: Metrics, including: Econometrics, Parts-per Notation, Software Metric, Full-time Equivalent, Metric (unit), Performance Indicator, Guide Number, ... Per Gallon, Overtime Rate, Key Risk Indicator; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377615; TITLE: Epistemological Theories, including: Agnosticism, Anti-realism, Direct Realism, Empiricism, Foundationalism, Internalism And Externalism, Logical ... Of Justification, Rationalism, Finitism; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377674; TITLE: Political Science Theories, including: Theories Of Political Behavior, Communitarianism, Public Choice Theory, Tribalism, Panarchy, Sphere Of ... Principle-policy Puzzle, Pournelle Chart; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377682; TITLE: Bacterium-related Cutaneous Conditions, including: Plague (disease), Syphilis, Anthrax, Leprosy, Epidemic Typhus, Q Fever, Erysipelas, Neisseria ... Shigellosis, Lyme Disease, Trench Fever; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377690; TITLE: Marketing Strategies And Paradigms, including: Business Model, Horizontal Integration, Vertical Integration, Product Bundling, Mass Customization, ... Strategies, Experience Curve Effects, Astore; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377925; TITLE: Castor Moving Group, including: Vega, Fomalhaut, Castor (star), Alpha Librae, Alpha Cephei; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243377992; TITLE: Triple Star Systems, including: Alpha Centauri, Polaris, Rigel, Alpha Herculis, Alpha Crucis, Beta Centauri, Regulus, Upsilon Andromedae, 40 Eridani, ... Ursae Majoris, Lambda Scorpii, Ez Aquarii; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243378212; TITLE: Quality Control Tools, including: Histogram, Ishikawa Diagram, Scatter Plot, Control Chart, Flowchart, Western Electric Rules, Nelson Rules, Xbar And ... Run Chart, Line Chart, Living Graph; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243378603; TITLE: Uninterrupted supply source to the load from mains, generator, solar and wind power by microcontroller.; AUTHOR: Rafiuddin Mohammed;
ISBN: 1243378654; TITLE: Alliance-union Universe, including: The Chanur Novels, Mri (fictional Alien Species), Faded Sun Trilogy, Cyteen, Downbelow Station, Merovingen Nights, ... Forty Thousand In Gehenna, Azi (clone); AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243378670; TITLE: Construction of recombinant rabbit uterine smooth muscle myosin light chain kinase cDNA for expression in insect cells.; AUTHOR: Satishkumar Noonepalle;
ISBN: 1243378697; TITLE: A Country Worth Defending: A curatorial analysis of Historic Locust Grove.; AUTHOR: Sasha Rosenman Caufield;
ISBN: 1243378719; TITLE: A study of peer-to-peer botnets.; AUTHOR: Brian J Norman;
ISBN: 1243378824; TITLE: Entomopathogenic fungi and nematodes for Michigan tree fruit management targeting plum curculio (Conotrachelus nenuphar).; AUTHOR: Renee Jean Pereault;
ISBN: 1243378891; TITLE: Fall prevention study on older adults in a skilled nursing facility.; AUTHOR: Aditi Datta;
ISBN: 1243378956; TITLE: The creative path to understanding: Organizations building community through performing arts .; AUTHOR: Maria C Bonson Baquero;
ISBN: 1243378972; TITLE: Applied Probability, including: Availability, Birthday Problem, Circular Error Probable, Dutch Book, Amplitude-shift Keying, High Availability, Gaming ... Probability, Statistical Interference; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243379014; TITLE: Lynx, including: Bobcat, Eurasian Lynx, Iberian Lynx, Canada Lynx, Sardinian Lynx, Lynx Issiodorensis, Balkan Lynx, Mexican Bobcat, Blynx; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243379030; TITLE: Mathematics And Culture, including: Leonardo Da Vinci, Magic Square, Arcadia (play), Danica Mckellar, Proof (play), Mathematical Folklore, Math Rock, ... Kakuro, Possible Worlds (play), Numb3rs; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243379049; TITLE: Ferritin-based reporter genes for magnetic resonance imaging in the brain.; AUTHOR: Bistra Iordanova;
ISBN: 1243379103; TITLE: Otters, including: Otter, Sea Otter, Oriental Small-clawed Otter, Lontra, European Otter, Lutra, Giant Otter, Neotropical Otter, Japanese River Otter, ... Otter, Lutrogale, Smooth-coated Otter; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243379154; TITLE: Urdu Scholars, including: Jon Elia, Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi, Vazir Agha, Ralph Russell, Syed Sulaiman Nadvi, Ashfaq Ahmed, Mushtaq Ahmad Yusufi, Aijaz ... Bano Qudsia, Hasan Askari, Maulvi Abdul Haq; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 124337943X; TITLE: Sequencing, sub-cloning, expression and purification of 2-hydroxychromene-2-... isomerase from Sphingomon; AUTHOR: Aaron Kenneth Brown;
ISBN: 1243379510; TITLE: An examination of emotional eating, perception, and controllability in relation to physical fitness.; AUTHOR: Kristen E Newell;
ISBN: 124337957X; TITLE: Autonomic Nervous System, including: Parasympathetic Nervous System, Sympathetic Nervous System, Enteric Nervous System, Autonomic Ganglion, Vasovagal ... Ganglion, San Francisco Syncope Rule; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243379626; TITLE: Art And Cultural Repatriation, including: Quedlinburg, Stone Of Scone, Kennewick Man, Native American Graves Protection And Repatriation Act, Elgin ... Of Axum, Ramesses I, Yagan, Benin Bronzes; AUTHOR: Hephaestus Books;
ISBN: 1243379642; TITLE: Defining the relationship: A study of students writing poetry in a Composition classroom.; AUTHOR: Leslie Seawright;
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